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  1. It is probably not a priority, that or they do not know what the problem is. I submitted a ticket but got the reply it is on the list but not a priority and the ticket was closed ! It is a pain as it take away some of the enjoyment of flying into these airfields.
  2. @Sabre-TLA Yes I was talking about BFT10, so is it a case that so long as I put in the time based on 5 mins ahead of the time when the FL says start now that I should get the right time, as I can happily hit the waypoints on time in the practise mission but in the test I can fine on the first waypoint but those afterwards I am either late or early, and as I say I do not get a calculated speed for waypoint 3. Was your tip about following the speed for the flight lead was actually for BFT11? Sorry to be a pain with all the questions. @BeachAV8R I don't mean to be interrupting your thread like this, just trying to get this campaign squared away.
  3. I have read through the briefing and there is no mention of the TOTs. The only mention of time is the mission start time of 23:30:00 and under objective to 'arrive at waypoint in specified time limit' So I am not sure where you are saying they are. That is great news looking forward to that one as well.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I must be missing something in the briefing as all I have been going off the time shown when the FI says 'Start now' where do I find the additional detail for the TOT's? Thanks for the tip on staying close to the flight lead I will give that a go. Love the Program and enjoying the challenges. Keep up the great work. Any idea when the Tactical Training Qualification might come out?
  5. @Sabre-TLA What are the tolerances for distance and time to the waypoints as I am constant on getting to the first one no problem but the others I am either too early or too late despite using the speed calculated and appearing to be over head the location on the TAD at the right time the FI tells me I am too early or too late. Also it appears that for the third waypoint you do not get a calculated speed (it didn't happen for Recon Stewart either) is this intentional? @BeachAV8R did you get the same thing with no calculated speed?
  6. Well done. Great series. Just wondering what is the livery you are flying under?
  7. Great thanks just makes landings difficult in bad weather without them.
  8. @BIGNEWY I have just tried it in Open Beta and yeah seems to work fine. Thanks for reporting this and getting it fixed. I don't suppose you can help with getting the PAPI lights back at Batumi and others too can you ?
  9. Has anyone tried this now in the Open Beta since the update last weekend? Apparently the issue with the TACAN triggers was included in this.
  10. I was wondering, did you have any issues with strange instructions coming up at the wrong points in Mission 9, such as being told to turn towards the airfield just prior to reaching waypoint , and also on the approach for the first landing being told to maintain the pattern altitude and not being able to go below it until after getting the ATC instruction to contact the Tower as I am having these issue sand since you have flown these missions very recently I was wondering if it was just my poor flying. PS I don't suppose you have any good advice on how to deal with the crosswind on the approach as what with that and the localiser not being close to accurate I am finding it very difficult to complete this mission. Although I notice from your photos on your blog that you were flying the ILS exactly, when I do that I seem to miss the runway as the localiser is off line from the runway. I have tried approaches to Batumi in good weather and the ILS still seems to be off. Any thoughts?
  11. Thanks Art-J I found another thread after I posted this, but thanks for the reply.
  12. I have the same issue, no matter what direction I approach Batumi from there are no PAPI lights. Anyone got any clues?
  13. Thanks BIGNEWY glad it isn't me making and error this time.
  14. @Rudel_chw That seems to have been the issue. Think I have it all working now.
  15. Ok I am new here and new to DCS and I guess I must be doing something wrong as none of the mods that I have downloaded seem to work. I guess I must be doing something wrong. I think I have set up the config correctly but nothing the mods don't seem to work and nothing appears in the back up folder either. Any clues? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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