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    I started off with war thunder sim battles, then moved to falcon 4 BMS. After that I got a new computer and got my dream game DCS, I have been wanting it since I was 6-8. And oh do I like it!
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    In a little country in the Baltic (Eesti!).
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    Anything that flies!
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    I am a kid and don't have one.
  1. As far as I'm concerned, the more quirks the better! Makes it a whole lot more interesting to fly. And giving us the option to choose between early and late variants is awesome! I would prefer the two different planes approach, for obvious MP reasons. However whatever the way you realize it, I'm convinced the end product will be amazing - as it is done by you!
  2. This is the best news in DCS for a long time, whish you the best of luck!
  3. Great news!!! The new radar textures also seem awesome on the MiG! I really appreciate you for sharing and working on your older products. If things continue to go ahead at this paste, the bird will finally be finished in no time! You have really stepped up a notch! :)
  4. If everything goes perfectly, by the end of this year! Though it doesn't hurt to expect a release later, maybe a few days/months into 2019.
  5. Yup, those with the MiG-23 are probably the newest Russian aircraft we can expect to be made in a long time.
  6. I'm so happy for you! Thanks to you we'll have a full fidelity counterpart to the F/A-18C, and a fitting one too in the Persian gulf scenario!!! Wish you the best of luck!
  7. asla36


    Congratulations and good luck to you!
  8. Wait how does it work for you!?!?!? Nothing has changed for me in the open beta. Still have the 3 days limit... Is this supposed to work this way? *EDIT:* Ok nvm it just started working a day later, sorry!
  9. 3rd parties and ED don't usually share tech, so they'll have to make their own.
  10. Don't remember such a thing. And as far as I know, it wouldn't need one. Since they were only good against MANPADs, and the Horntes attack doctrine meant it was high up in the air. Also, sneaking up to a carrier with a stinger and shooting out/inbound aircraft is not the most realistic prospect. So I would be really surprised if it had or even needed one.
  11. asla36

    Mig-19 hype?

    Yeah, I think of it like heaters being used in A/G. Not the same though - as that didn't even see large training use, but kinda. Both would be wholly inadaquite when it comes to actual use as weapons. TY for correcting!
  12. Her bur durr durr... I ain't so varied in my soundy lettery thingy use, but I think they meant the and of May.
  13. Well, the SPO-10 is getting better. Now things as powerful fire guidance radars going off near it in it's general direction seem to trigger it even if not locked, and so on. Things are getting better. My theory is that they are waiting for the ED RWR tech to model it correctly, since that would allow it without massive hoop-jumping.
  14. 1+ I'd also love the module to potentially go in that direction, with the Mirage-III and MiG-19p coming out! Though we can all be happy that the bis is finally getting it's famous opponent - though both variants are kinda too late. At least the general aircraft are correct, no more fighting MiG-simulators!
  15. -Fast...........// -Cheap...... // [You can only have 2] -Good...... // And I am certainly happy with ED's choice - good 'n cheap! Though it does mean we have to wait a bit longer, it will certainly be worth the wait! P.S I know I screwed their order up.
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