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  1. I for one can not wait for this free update, great job Eagle Dynamics!!! Awesome work! :thumbup:
  2. the different problems I see is the shadows and and LOD issues in there, like the skins will disappear and reappear at different distances, the contrails will appear and disappear at different FOVs, the sun will shade the contrails to look like dark smoked clouds. those are examples that I see in his videos. also I see the P51's fuel wing tanks appear and disappear at different FOV zoom in and out. All so I see HDR issues or PBR, and some sort of effect they put in for making it look like the sun causing your eyes to dim? I think that's hurting the gamma or contrast issues too.
  3. the rear gunner guns flash on and off when they are not firing. alpha open v211 latest
  4. Hi was wondering if you know? The flak guns have no smoke report at the end of the projectile explosions? I hear the report or explosions too. I see the muzzle smoke but that's it. Is this known?
  5. the problem is not gama, its the weird lighting and black tones effects, I'm seeing dark areas where there should be sunlight glinting off that area. so something is a bit off with the PBR and ED hasn't answered if they are aware of this? normal sunlight or even artificial light reflection, isn't being effected correctly in the game? it's like he stated "Low illuminance intensity of ground, objects, cockpit at night" it seems there is no reflection of the lighting effects. in your examples this works ingame for night, but with those setting for day this isn't good.
  6. this dudes videos show different areas I guess..
  7. They already have your address, when you purchase your digital non tangible product. which would be automatically sent to you.
  8. for the amount of monies it cost to buy a plane or module, you would think they would make patches as a nice incentive , something tangible to have i.e velcro backing you can wear or even a regular patch you can sew on, and show off as a memento of what you had purchased. Remember back in the day the stuff these companies use to put in the box you bought. Now the digital world there is nothing tangible.. your thoughts.. ED you think we can make this happen and make retro purchases, of patches, there is a business out that can can offer this kind of business model. https://www.thestudio.com/custom-patches/embroidered/?utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=cpc_search&utm_campaign=ppc_uscatchall&utm_term=patches&matchtype=p&network=g&adcopy=207054993029&adpos=1t1&utm_device=c&utm_campaignID=133915764&utm_adgroup=7199086404&keywordid=kwd-25173470&utm_country=US&gclid=Cj0KEQjw3MPNBRDj0Yztg4LGvOcBEiQA5hTrH6lee0W0X0fyZXo4ldsVTaGANN617rZb5lPJVvrzrWoaAsl_8P8HAQ
  9. take your virtual memory are on that picture and click on no page file, then set it. you have enough memory you don't need that virtual memory running, what's your Video card?
  10. ok I tried the P51D in Normandy, Instant Mission dogfight P51s v BF109, I would pull lead on the enemy target and get a massive screen freeze lasting anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds before the game would come back to running. setting are on high, visability is extreme and my system is gtx1080, i75930k, 16gb ddr4 ram.
  11. Combat Air support, instant mission, When playing this mission, I get long screen freezes, but the game comes back. also the damage smoke from the SU25T is flickering. Love the chaff model now looks real.
  12. Where is this PBR you're talking about I can not find this setting in the GUI.
  13. There is no PBR in my HDR settings or whatever that is. but HDR off and its not so blurry anylonger.
  14. SU25T on the normandy map instant missions, weapons practice. Can not see the hud information very well its to light green. Cockpit shadows are very poor, and pixelated. The HDR is very blurry. the scenery seems very blurry also no sharpness. some weapons shine like chrome metal.
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