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  1. I cant seem to set my CH Pedals to control the brakes. In the control setting if I want to set the brakes, the toe press is not an option for the pedals, but an axis assign is available, however using that option has no effect in the game. The keyboard controls work fine on their default settings. The rudder works fine using CH Pro Pedals.
  2. Thank you both Saburo_cz and LeCuvier for your prompt responses!
  3. Searching for either “water”, “injection” or “WEP” turns up nothing in the controls for the P-47 Real, so how do I map this functionality? Using the 2.7.6 16140 version. thanx
  4. The title says it, is there any overlap, expecting there answer of course not!? Would be nice ti have middle east on one map……dreamin! Anyway I would like to see the extent of these 2 DCS terrains on one map.
  5. Thanx I’ll check it out! I placed a ticket with support regarding this issue, they recognize the problem, and suggested they were working or other payment options.
  6. Both Paypal and the credit card company require use of a phone number to validate purchases. According to my conversation directly with the credit card company, they said that the vendor ie ED insist on phone number to message confirmation. Insistence on a phone confirmation for a purchase is a requirement that ED places on credit institutions to impose on customers in order to complete a purchase.
  7. Dont disagree, but why cant they call or message me where I live? We have telephones! I was successful only because I contacted someone in the country where my bank is and they messaged the confirmation code to me. I cant rely on this mechanism to be reliable or safe.
  8. I suspect the reason that it is setup this way is that the issuing bank or Paypal want to phone message for confirmation, and therefore phone number and address must be consistent. So much for using credit card internationally.
  9. I tried to purchase a module, and it is not possible, to do that internationally. Issuing credit card bank or Paypal MUST be in same country as IP address of purchaser. Paypal wont even let you set up an address inconsistent with your present IP address. International payments not accepted!
  10. Same problem on Paypal, address registered to Paypal Must be same country as issuing bank! Paypal, wont allow an address in a country different than your IP address location.
  11. I contacted my credit card company regarding why the sale didnt go through and they told me because of ED purchase policy. This must be relatively new ED policy since my other modules where purchased using the same credit card.
  12. As result of ED credit card purchase requirements, ED wont accept my credit card for technical reasons related to where I live, Steam will but dont want to purchase from Steam. Are there any other options? If there are other options can I transfer the license to ED This is problematic for me because I cant use my accrued points for a new purchase. thanx
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