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  1. So far my future plans for DCS look like this: go openbeta -> activate offline mode -> end of line.
  2. What is he even asking for? Impression of 'a good amount of users on these forums are on ketamine or the like when posting' intensifies. Guess thats one of these threads this guy was talking about earlier when he was crying about bad cyberbullies scaring away noobs asking valid questions.
  3. Kailux

    Just, pitty!

    Told you guys a page ago already: look at his post history here, its either trolling (silver grade attempt, bait was hilarious, good effort and delivered lots of salt) or hes serious with this and is probably suffering from a stroke or two (sorry for you then dude).
  4. I mean, seriously, how big of a slap in the face is this? What does your rig cost? 2k?
  5. To be fair, he said "AT LEAST half a year later" :D
  6. Just because i feel like offending people tonight :D Intel i3-4150 (2 cores/4 threads, 3.5 GHz, 3MB cache) GTX 950 2GB DDR5 8GB DDR3-1600 Samsung SSD Win 10 No OC at all Probably less than 300 bucks nowadays 30 frames in F-16 PG free flight instant action. (on a serious note: yeah man, i feel with you. Optimization is just shite, im the proof) edit: forum software ate the images, reattached.
  7. You can additionally try numpad enter key, which resets to default zoom (numpad / and * to zoom in/out iirc). Your screenshot looks like you actually zoomed out, not moved your view back "(right shift+right ctrl+)numpad numbers" iirc.
  8. Antivirus software is good for three things: 1. False positives. 2. False impression of "being safe". 3. Taking money from your pocket, if you pay for it / Making you pay with data if its "free".
  9. Kailux

    Just, pitty!

    Hate to spoil the fun for someone*, but you guys are really getting saltmined here :'D *Foreign shaming factor just passed my treshold, gotta intervene. Sorry man.
  10. TL;DR: ED please protect "grown-ups" with emotional capabilities of a six year old from being offended by mean interwebs bullies so they never ever learn to cope with "challenging feelings"™. :State of western society 2020 meme: edit: if being mean on the interwebs keeps kids crying for 120s on hogs out, im all in.
  11. Try these charts done by the 476th (be aware that TWR frequencies have 0.1 added to the ingame frequencies in these publications, which is also stated on the first page). They got similar documents for the other DCS maps (Georgia, Russia, Nevade, UAE/Oman Flight Info Pubs). (thanks a lot for putting this online btw guys. These charts and your stuff in general are really apprechiated) Using a pdf to jpg/png web service you can also convert these documents for use as kneeboard pages. I also recommend to dig through their other publications, imho best stuff for learning the A-10C properly - CAF A-10C or the TACAN/HSI for example.
  12. Bigger HoF wont result in more dispersal. 105 submunition is released so relatively close together (they wont have a mile spread between each other where difference in wind speed/direction might have an effect on individual drift), there is not much difference in wind for each single one. Theyll just drift downwind further as a closed group with little to no change in distance in between. Hence you choose lowest possible HoF so you minimize drift if your targets are pretty much at the same height level. If you got a group of targets on a slope or rugged terrain with (for example) 500ft difference in height between targets, increase HoF (to probably 1000ft) and compensate SPI a bit for additional drift (judge this distance by experience -> direction and speed by weather data, looking at smoke or dust drift or other indicators for direction/speed etc.).
  13. Yeah. Bought the F-16 yesterday because i really wanted her (Falcon 3 veteran here) - knowing i wont be able to fly her properly before 2024 because EA announced, gets some features, gets dropped, next EA announced, this gets some features, gets dropped, next EA announced... remind me of this post January 2021 and again Juli 2021 and at these dates the Hornet wont be out of EA and F-16 will get half baked features and fixes dripping and not be out of EA in early 2022. You can remind me of this post early 2022 too. (Disclaimer: redefining what "EA" means in cheesy PR statements so an EA product can be called "released" does not count). I really accepted all this when i bought the Viper, but its also been the last DCS module i bought. Im done :pilotfly:
  14. Better be glad the Maverick didnt make it into this patch. It would have been some other half baked broken shit everybody would be complaining about because iz wouldnt get fixed in month anyways. Maybe one day ED starts completing existing features before introducing just another barely usable thing on a big pile of barely usable things... maybe, some day... maybe.
  15. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=259579&highlight=IFF https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=270743&highlight=IFF
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