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  1. I wouldn't overthink it. It's the same legalese used in 99.9% of stuff, and exists mostly to protect against lawsuits if DCS does/says something a manufacturer doesn't like or vice versa. It's just a generic ''don't sue me, bro''.
  2. @syzygy You're asking for a behind the scenes ''factory floor'' view of module development. There's not a huge amount of stuff like that around here, but it is available if you look around. Pay special attention to stickied dev posts on specific aircraft. I remember the F-14 had a devblog that went into great detail on how they modeled the radar, and some other devs made extensive posts also. I tried to find some for you, but they're buried in the forum somewhere and I am having trouble locating them. But they're there. There were some extensive posts on the P-47 and F-4U also at different times. I think the Jf-17 did, too. In short, they try to model as much of the function as possible, but as others pointed out, most of this is invisible to you for practical purposes. A circuit breaker may be simulated performing its function, for example, but the actual physical circuit isn't, it'a just ''in the computer's head'', as it were. Another example of details that are simulated is with the MiG-15. Due to inferior machining in the real world Soviet Union, the wings were not EXACTLY symmetrical, which tended to produce a slight roll at transonic speeds either to left or right. This is replicated in DCS and everytime you spawn a MiG-15 it is randomised which direction it will roll (and is a leading cause of ''bug reports'' for the MiG-15). Other examples include fuel sloshing in wings, individual fuel tanks draining at different rates, etc. They do not ACTUALLY replicate liquid in the wings as something you could see poking your camera inside it, merely the effects as if there is liquid there. The extent and specific focus of simulation varies from module to module and dev to dev. The WWII birds place a premium on engine management as that's a key aspect of their flight, so fuel flow, radiator dynamics, oil, etc etc, are all much more detailed in them because you interact with it so much and it's such a key element with them. Some aircraft go to great length detailing radar and avionics, for example the F-14, if I remember right from the old devblogs, uses a form of raycasting to emulate the radar waves. Again, most of this stuff is happening strictly in a mathematics sense, it's there, as far as the effects you have to deal with, even if it's not being physically directly replicated.
  3. If it was me, I'd replace the spring outright with a lower tension one. It's probably just not designed to have ZERO, merely reduced. The damper friction is the main tool I'd use to adjust force and centering after that. I have them, but never tried to do what you are, but that's how I'd go about it.
  4. Without any evidence or useful information that anyone can use to verify whether it's true, user error, or just senseless whining. See above No, it sounds like OP is talking out his ass. There's a difference. Graphical and performance issues, yes, due to variations in individual user hardware and the fickleness of PC gaming. The data driving flight models is 100% identical between all computers. There is no such thing as a mythical fm glitch that ONLY affects certain people.
  5. What we think is you've created a drama post with no useful information, tracks, or logs of any kind. If it was reddit I'd say you were farming likes, but this is just the forums so it's pointless times 10.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. Everybody freaks out when they discover ''I have a bottleneck!'' Yeah, that's normal. In any given setup, there's one part that's slighty slower than the others... plot twist! This is context sensitive and what's a bottleneck in one context might not be in another!!!
  7. Got it after the recommendations here. Can confirm, is nice book. -edit Has extensive histories of INDIVIDUAL aircraft. Really interesting!
  8. Load times? Storage? Load times aren't where we have issues here, so I'd say the benefit would be little or nothing. Your best solution for ''load times'' is going to be just a good ol' SATA SSD. NVMe if you feel like slurging but practical benefits with them are negligible. Aside from that, most the stuff mentioned in sales brochures represents the cutting edge and very possibly niche, and typically require integration from the beginning, thus the extensive delays between when people start seeing ads vs when a concept actually starts appearing in games.
  9. One way I have done this in the past is simply removing their ammo, although it's been a while. If given aggressive RoEs or told to respond to attacks, they'll maneuver despite having no actual weaponry. For that matter, even unarmed aircraft like drones will maneuver to evade/attack if given appropriate RoEs, at least to an extent. Tbf, they have changed the AI a lot over the last couple years, so I don't know how applicable this still is, but in general instead of looking to make the AI ''contextually smarter'', look for loopholes to exploit how stupid it is (ie dogfighting with you despite not having weapons).
  10. Not really. I think we all pretty much agree assets are a major shortcoming around here.
  11. Eye roll so hard one of them just popped out and rolled across the floor. Now my eye has lint on it -_- Thanks a lot, OP. -edit Laaaaaaaaaaaag
  12. Don't move your head while pulling G. There ya go!
  13. I would say offhand you need to take this up with the server operator or pay closer attention to whatever scripts you're copy and pasting into your missions. I've crashed into plenty of stuff in the past running my own private server and never been booted, unless they JUST changed something. Everything you are saying sounds like scripts you are using written by other people.
  14. TrackIR is great, definitely a gamechanger for flight sims. The little camera and its software are really good in my experience, just don't buy their inhouse IR lights (TrackIR Pro or whatever) they're really cheap and cheesy especially considering it's $120 for like $5 worth of parts. Build your own or buy any of the 3rd party equivalents (it's just three led lights and a power cable, it doesn't get any simpler)
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