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  1. The same way they do everything else? Few if any are using actual purpose made 4x4 screens, because they barely exist and aren't really fit for purpose.
  2. There is literally an entire thread dedicated to the topic with dozens of people discussing their performance experience before and after switching. Go and read it instead of asking everyone to repeat verbatim what they've already discussed. Mine wasn't a decade ago, but likewise. I have a massive USB 3.0 powered bank that everything is plugged into. No more issues since I did that.
  3. Just as an aside, the Sa-15 is specifically intended to do exactly that, and shoot down munitions. It's not very long range, but its missiles are very fast and maneuverable. Stuff like Mavericks are easy prey (big, and subsonic).
  4. Setting everything else aside, HP does indeed suck. But they're still the best offer in that price range, tbh, you're just subject to the vagaries of chance. I am on my third cable set already. First one died six months in, second one died a few days after I got it, third one has worked perfectly ever since. Their cables are absolute garbage. As to the 5800x3d, it does indeed perform well, provided you have an appropriate GPU. If you don't have a 3080ti or better then no, you're not going to benefit from it. See the lengthy thread about it for more details.
  5. Texture mods don't work anymore because it doesn't have those textures. It can't be an ''option'' because... they're not there. They do not exist. Therefore it cannot be an option. Texture transparency is not how they're doing it now, based on what Skate just said.
  6. When it's stable. Preferaby after they figure out what screwed up performance. The whole point of stable is lacking major bugs.
  7. I'm not saying there's not an issue there, there clearly is, and it's why I haven't updated But I don't expect DCS to perform like completely different beasts
  8. VR didn't exist when DCS was made. At all. It was not a design consideration. It is NOW, but they can't gut all their simulation routines so people can squeeze out a few more fps in VR. It's designed for high fidelity simulation of aircraft and their systems, the ''other sims'' literally are not. To varying extents, they are doing somewhat less to a lot less on simulation side of things, and do not simulate the internal systems or avionics at any level beyond rudimentary. They're casual sims by design, to be accessible. Individual 3rd party modules may be more detailed, but on average, they are ''doing'' a lot less, which gives them a lot more overhead for graphics and VR. These are just facts. Also, one of those ''other sims'' is run by a multi-billion dollar global megacorp with nearly limitless resources to devote toward building the entire thing from scratch. DCS is not, and change is by necessity slower because of lesser resources and NOT being able to rebuild it all from scratch.
  9. You guys keep comparing sims via relative eyecandy, ignoring the part where those sims are not simulating the same level or types of things that DCS is. The engine is dated, and Vulkan and MT will yield some improvements, but no matter how ''Optimus''ed they make it it will almost definitely always trail behind them in FPS because, shockingly, doing more requires more horsepower, which eats into FPS. If DCS disabled all the things that make it DCS and just focused on pretty graphics, optimised or not, it would yield comparable performance. That's kinda the point, you can't have ALL THAT, AND pretty graphics, AND maximal FPS. You have to pick two.
  10. Yep, this. I wouldn't ignore that, it's just like the breakers in your house. If it's doing that, it means something is seriously wrong.
  11. You can absolutely game on a laptop, but it is essential you keep thermals in mind, and a dedicated cooler is damn near required. Yeah, a good laptop can be disassembled like this. Avoid the ones where everything is soldered. Also avoid the really skinny ones, they overheat. You want a portable PC not a ''notebook''. And as this person indicates, remember you still need to perform routine maintenance for dust, paste, etc. Sounds like Dell used a particularly crap paste there. Tbh, I have a real low opinion of them since I saw one of their Alienware flagship models up close once. What an overpriced piece of crap with wonky plastic bits all over it lol
  12. Hmmm. I'm not a doctor, but that sucking chest wound looks serious. I fried a GPU in a laptop once due to poor airflow. It was at that time I learned A. Do not game on a blanket B. Laptop GPUs are 2x the price of desktop
  13. Yeah, I see what you mean. But they're not doing a whole new release with new product branding (which is all that means). When I first discovered DCS it was 1.2, they went to 1.5 with a new engine. 2.0 (up through our current 2.8) was a whole new engine. 3.0+ will be Vulkan with multithreading. Basically each of these major releases IS exactly what you're describing, a whole new engine, but your previous purchases are still good and preexisting assets are ported over (which is also what you mentioned wanting). By strict ''engine releases'' technically we are on the third major engine/api release now with the fourth inbound since the ''DCS World'' brand was launched. They just don't append a number to the title, that's all, it's in the version number.
  14. All of which we already have. If you don't like FBW aircraft, don't fly them, that's the ''rails'' you think you're experiencing. Me, too. It definitely makes it hard to miss when your seat jumps and shakes, but even without that, especially on the deck, aircraft bump and jostle as you move through turbulence. All be aside, he clearly hasn't been paying attention (I noted what appeared to be some form of thermals years ago when passing underneath clouds in the Yak-52 and noting the variometer jumping, although it may not be present now in 2.7-8) In order to miss some of this stuff he has to A. Not pay any attention and B. Be sufficiently ignorant to not recognise it when seeing/experiencing it. Can't help somebody like that, especially with this silly attitude he has, he's not going to be exactly ''open'' to correction. Kinda like that ''aerospace engineer'' who had never heard of differential braking a while back and declared ''Nobody would EVER design something like this''.
  15. Not directly, but with enough DiY anything's possible. Though I wouldn't bother trying to out a premium grip on a entry level base. The gimbal system wouldn't work well with a heavy metal grip like TM anyway. You'd need to rebuild the whole thing. If you want grip swapping, get Virpil, their's are just pull old and add new. VKB also can swap grips, but they require a BIOS update with it.
  16. An 8700 isn't going to feed a 3090 properly. All there is to it. We're not talking a small upgrade, this is a fairly old CPU, choked by VERY insufficient RAM quantity, paired with an ultra high end GPU. OP's system is low end of mid range with a top tier GPU. That combination will have issues, simple as that. It's actually very similar to the system I just upgraded from... but with less RAM, so I have a pretty good idea how it performs.
  17. I have a 3090 also, and HP Reverb G2, and get solid 45fps with motion reprojection or 60-75ish without. This CPU is choking you down As is this. You need at least 32GB, 64 if possible. You've got a really high end modern GPU with a good but dated processor and verrrry little RAMband it is choking badly. That's your problem in a nutshell. Neither relevant for FPS. I'd recommend increasing to 32GB or 64GB of RAM, a more modern processor, preferably a 5800x3d (if budget is no issue) or similar gaming CPU of recent timeframe. For settings I recommend leaving MSAA off, shadows to low and flat, clouds to standard. I run resolution if I remember in the 3000x3000 range give or take and use OpenXR. I do not play on the half baked, poorly designed multiplayer servers that are so popular around here, which will choke you down considerably.
  18. Good evening everyone, I'm coming to you now with a live report interrupting your usual forum browsing. It appears a man playing a video game is shocked it is not completely true to real life and ''knows'' things. Amazing. Stay with us as we continue to report on this developing story later tonight. Back to you, Bob.
  19. More like 4.0 (which I'm sure will happen eventually if the company remains solvent). We're on 2(.8) now, Vulkan/MT will be 3+.
  20. I think this is just a rando venting and not really to be taken seriously. @OP Some of the stuff you mentioned is a somewhat reasonable take, a lot of it is a bit ridiculous though, too, especially ''I know I'm right'' Yeah... if you have to pat yourself on the back, it's not as much a confirmation as you think. And bye. These 'Dear John' letters when somebody leaves a video game are so much fun @@ Nobody cares, man. Their CS reps aren't going to chase you down the hall screaming ''NO, GOZR, COME BACK, WE MIIIIIIISSSSSS YOUUUU UWU''
  21. I just checked and saw they have a site now and saw their offering is substantially different from years ago. Sameish price but looks like a better and sturdier overall design. Nice!
  22. More it's a low production volume, extremely niche for enthusiasts thing. Component wise, the electronics are just simple 3-axis gamecontroller guts, with either cheaper potentiometers or better magnetic sensors. The actual pedals themselves, how they're constructed, what options you have for adjusting tension, and overall quality are what you're paying for (and again, the very low production volume). The highest end is Slaw's ViperRX, made to order from machined aluminum, with adjustable pitch on the pedals, customisable pedal shape, attachments to mount dampers, and top quality. They can be made to closely replicate the feel of real pedals. They also cost $700 and have a moderate waiting list. The low end is Saitek at $150-300. They are plastic with cheapest guts and components, and minimal adjustments for tension (including the overpriced and much touted combat pedals, they are LITERALLY the exact same internals with fancy pedals and a price premium). I would avoid the plastic Saitek and CH pedals entirely. They're crap. Thrustmaster may be more reliable on the low end of stuff, although nominally similar. Crosswinds, VKB, and TPR, and Virpil's offering make up most of the mid range and are all pretty good quality with varying degrees of customability with Virpil and TPR being toward the upper range and Crosswinds and VKB covering the lower end. They range from $250-500 if I remember.
  23. I concur. Doesn't sound like general overheat. You've probably got some sort of hardware failure happening, IMO. I'd start trying to isolate hardware items to determine what specifically is messing up either with targeted stress tests, hardware swaps, etc.
  24. Texture update helps a lot, as do Taz's trees (shoutout to Barthek and Taz, you guys are chef's kiss) but it needs new assets, too. The buildings are extremely dated (unsure if there's a mod for that), and in general the environment needs a pass overall.
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