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  1. You have a generous definition of what a fact is. You can see that there's a dispute to their accuracy, so you don't need to be rude nor is it warranted in any way.
  2. You need to bind Petrovich AI Helper - SHOW/HIDE in both Pilot and Petrovich layers. The way I have it mapped is I have all directions on my "Petrovich hat" (same I have bound in Petrovich layer to select options) bound to it in Pilot layer, and then in Petrovich layer I have ICS trigger first stage mapped to it. So to bring it up I just move the hat in any direction (this way double press immediately selects the option when targetting cross was hidden) and then I tap the first stage of trigger (intercom PTT) to hide it. The inputs won't overlap cause they're in separate layers.
  3. For me the issue is partially solved. When trying to optimize my FPS I noticed that I get lower FPS with terrain object shadows OFF than with terrain object shadows set to FLAT. Which is weird. Even more bizarrely, the FPS drops when disabling terrain object shadows even with shadows otherwise completely OFF. I wanted to have only the cockpit shadows and flat vehicle shadows enabled, but this issue prevents me from doing so. This is in current stable.
  4. Maybe give them a "dummy" waypoint right before the one they're supposed to switch to? Assuming it is consistent and it's always one waypoint prior? Or do they choose the waypoint at random?
  5. Another relatively small one. During RTB in Mission 8, after AAR Olive doesn't seem to rejoin (not sure cause I somehow die in the track ofc) and after kiss off she flies off back to Romeo 1 before going home. Track, not sure how useful: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArMDWm49dN3CguAJdRUTREUVBwyQjA?e=7gfCDU
  6. That wouldn't be fair to MiG-21 players due to its RSBN implementation being static and disconnected from actual RSBN implementation in core game. You have TACAN at Kutaisi. Just use the F10 ruler and subtract 5 for magnetic deviation. Almost Every Georgian airfield has a TACAN, so you have full coverage, and as long as you have a station in range you can arrive precisely at any point you want.
  7. Two issues with this mission, one minor, one major 1. Mother doesn't arrive at WP4 on time, they're around 0.75 to 1 minute late. Using TOT to arrive at WP4 at exactly 08:00 causes the whole sequence to play out a minute too early. 2. The rescue helicopter hovers on the approach path, sometimes almost exactly at the glideslope and course. Although the mission itself is not of "strategic" importance this is a bit of a serious issue, as it causes AI to go around, sometimes several times, and the chopper might cut the player off too. I imagine this mission was created before the ground follow function for helicopters was introduced - this is a good place to apply this enhancement I suppose. Track: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArMDWm49dN3Cgt9DcYwCKXtaM6MUJQ?e=XtNJGL
  8. Alpen's server is not friendly for anyone due to constant teamkilling. There are many people in the community that would moderate the server for him if he allowed it, it's his own choice. Roadbases were in game since Viggen arrived and many servers used the concept. It's also a critical concept to have in a cold war scenario, due to loss of airbases, and in particular it was logistically necessary to include it on this server in particular because of lack of airbases between Kutaisi and Tbilisi. They weren't included as an extra "shiny" feature, they were needed to make he server playable. As for realism - all servers are realistic by default most of the time. Alpen doesn't own the concept of realism in a flight sim, what are you on about? The rest I won't even address, how old are you? What are those conspiracy theories? This server is mainly for people who want same environment as Alpen, but more proficiently done. Whether it succeeds at that, we will see. Loadouts have to be limited to loadouts from the period represented by the server. You can't have SFWs in the 80s just because aircraft that would carry them today already existed.
  9. Title. Prince just goes on his own and triggers that should fire when we're information fire anyway even though we're 30 miles apart. I imagine this isn't how it's supposed to play out? Track: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArMDWm49dN3Cgt89KBT9mLvVh1nEOw?e=mpab0e
  10. +1, It is Wizards is never defined, had to calculate where it was from target coords. Came up with N30°24.71, E47°52.58. It's nowhere in briefing, or anywhere, I imagine it's not a problem since we're given target coord AND heading and range back from IP, but is this intended?
  11. Well... to be fair... this is not a free mod, this would be a really good comment if it was, but this is an expensive product, he has every right to demand value for his money.
  12. Title. When the tanker is rejoined at northern point of its track it will end up in Iranian airspace. Maybe it could be moved further south? Track: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArMDWm49dN3Cgt5YsF77OI0KruFvGw?e=GKYl4i EDIT: Forgot to save the track but Smoke stays on players wing all the way in on final approach. I imagine there should be a moving zone at mother that would set flag when tripped to send him off? Cause if yes then for some reason it didn't trip, and there wasn't exactly any way to send him off manually. EDIT2: To further specify, Smoke was glued to me after choosing Low state - straight to mother at the end.
  13. Didn't know Alpen owns the concept of roadbases. Or Cold War in general. Perhaps if his server was better moderated there wouldn't be such an outflow of players.
  14. Then it goes both ways, cause I'm seeing default shadows with flat selected...
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