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  1. Hello, I cannot bind 'select weapon' on the pilot rotary to any of my controllers other than the keyboard. Attached is a picture with options for my CH Throttle blurred. It did not work even with my Virpil stick, although CH Throttle is the one I wish to use here. By the way, 'select weapon' 'next' and 'previous' work fine, it is the individual selections that are blurred. Thank you if you could address this issue, it is a big deal for me personally to be able to bind these options.
  2. Could you please explain more closely how you set it up? I have tried the broadcasting option and it did not work as I hoped. What power should the broadcasting source have? 10W? Does it matter what sound file I use? I looped a constant tone, I could hear it, and I could see the directional needle twitching, but it was not legible enough to get the direction to the source. The needle indicating the distance moved only when I was very close to the source, not at all useful for navigation. Finally, on the BF109 radio presets, where do I set up the frequency? AFN2 base frequency, Channel 2, or both? Thanks.
  3. In my opinion, the dynamic reflections on Mig-21 are absolutely stunning and totally realistic. I was impressed that the M3 team brought the effect to us so early after it was introduced by the ED. It further shows how great support Mig-21 has from the M3 team. Others, including ED, do not support their modules as much. Mig-15 and L-39 still have the ugly unrealistic baked in reflections.
  4. I wanted to purchase this module, but what had been written in this thread put me off.
  5. It is implemented. You still need to arm the gun as usually, only thing it does is disabling the limitter. You can even fire the gun on the ground and blow your front wheel away. Just make sure that you have armed evertything; master arm, trigger circuit breaker, trigger safety, and that the gun is on and armed before you press the button.
  6. Yes, it is hard to notice it behind the stick; a tiny button so easy to overlook. It works, but you need to first turn the gun on. Once you turn it off and on again, you need to press the button again. One issue with it is that you cannot bind it to your hotas so it is bit inpractical if you try to use it during dogfights to get over the AOA limittation. I guess the button is so obscured that ED staff themselves overlooked it when they did the keybinds.
  7. Thank you for your reply, and keep the hard work on MiG-21Bis going. Furthermore, thank to you personally for new Syria missions. When I did the intercept one, F4s ignored me and landed in Damascus, which sounds odd. EDIT: I played the mission again and this time it worked correctly, F4s were engaged by friendly AA, one was destroyed and one turned away.
  8. I just wanted to congratulate to the team on making both manual and auto modes of SAU for the RSBN landing mode working. Following the flight director in the manual mode gets me straight onto the runway. :thumbup: Now I can enjoy bad visibility landings in Mig-21Bis as much as I enjoy such landings in L-39C/ZA.
  9. I am not sure what you are reffering to, but note that many ADF beacons are in MHz. You need them to be in kHz to tune into them.
  10. Answering my own question, after buying the map, there is no RSBN support for L-39. Shame that western planes get their ILS and Tacan, but even the few ADF beacons are at unfriendly MHz frequency as opposite to friendly kHz frequency I can tune into. So this thrread stands as I opened it, could you please add RSBN support for L-39 at least for one or two airports?
  11. Great that new bindings for axes were added, I am happy to see progress in this area. In future, could you please consider adding bindings (not for special devices, normal) for the HUD decluter switch and for the master external lights switch? Thank you.
  12. Since the map is now released, could anyone confirm that there are any RSBN beacons physically present on the map and usable by the L-39 module?
  13. Well, I did not see any RSBN channels shown on the map in Mr. Wagner's videos. Our MiG-21 module uses fake off map RSBN implementation, it is not the same as in L-39 that uses real on map assests.
  14. Please would you consider adding some RSBN navigation support for L-39C/ZA, at least for the Bassel airport near Lakatia.
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