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  1. Have you checked your controller assignments to make sure that rudder isn't taking multiple inputs? (By default, my collective was also controlling my rudders - collective goes up, heli goes 'round)
  2. Necroing an 11 year old thread. Outstanding!
  3. Looks absolutely outstanding. Can't wait to relive my old EF2000 nostalgia. If only we had a Norwegian fjords map...
  4. Great catch, Schilling. That's great news!
  5. I didn't know about that, either. Great info. Thanks Rokkett.
  6. The dev team is Russian. They don't break for Christmas until January.
  7. Looks like there's a nasty bug with the "Transmit Message" triggered action in the current Open Beta ( Any subtitle that you enter for a Transmit Message gets deleted when you save the file. I created quick video that shows the issue pretty clearly. Feeling slightly grumpy and Grinch-like after wasting several hours trying to figure this out and come up with a workaround.
  8. I'm not sure what your point was, then. I don't mean that in a snarky way. I just thought when you said "Could it be like that because they are not done yet?" you meant "Could it be that they haven't implemented the option for custom kneeboards because they haven't completed the map yet?"
  9. 99.999% sure that's not a blocking issue for allowing players to add Syria-specific kneeboard pages.
  10. Bumping this in the increasingly forlorn hope of a Christmas miracle in the upcoming patch...
  11. Thanks Toutenglisse. That makes sense. Given that logic, though, shouldn't trigger.misc.getUserFlag(1) == true evaluate to true for any positive, non-zero value? Lua isn't a type-safe language, so true and positive, non-zero values should evaluate as exactly the same, right? (I'm totally open to possibility that I'm missing something here, but I'm not sure what).
  12. Bumping this YET AGAIN in the increasing vain hope that it finally gets addressed.
  13. As Grimes says, files with names such as ~mis00004830.lua are just temp files that DCS creates when you run a mission (and then deletes straight afterwards). You should download a free Log Reader such as GLOGG that allows you to watch all DCS's debug output in realtime while your mission's running. You can even add simple lines of Lua into your own code as a way of getting insight into what your code is really doing at any given point, e.g. env.info( "The current value of someVariable is: " .. someVariable ) Once you get comfortable with this basics, you should really look into MOOSE and the Eclipse LDT which allows you to set breakpoints, catch bugs, and explore your code's execution line-by-line while the mission's running. It's a little daunting at first, but it's invaluable over the longer term.
  14. I discovered a weird oddity while debugging a Lua script tonight. Specifically, with a flag set to true (in this case Flag 1) the following condition doesn't fire: trigger.action.setUserFlag( 1, true ) if trigger.misc.getUserFlag(1) == true then env.info( "This code never runs" ) end If I change the true to 1, however, it works fine, e.g. trigger.action.setUserFlag( 1, true ) if trigger.misc.getUserFlag(1) == 1 then env.info( "This code runs just fine" ) end
  15. Question's in the title, really. Just looking to access the StartWaitUserResponse and StopWaitUserResponse actions from script versus the editor. I can't seem to find any reference to these actions in the SSE documentation on Hoggit, so I figured I'd ask here. Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. Select the group you want (e.g. your own flight) then go to ADVANCED (WAYPOINT ACTIONS) on Waypoint 0, add a new action of type SET OPTION -> RADIO USAGE WHEN CONTACT and select which types of contact (if any) you want the group to report on.
  17. You need to add a Perform Command --> Start action as a Triggered Action for that group. Once you've done that, just call that action via an AI Set Task action in the main Triggers section of the mission.
  18. Potrebbe essere meglio postare nel forum italiano (blame Google translate if that makes no sense) https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/33-italian/
  19. If that were only true we'd have had a fix for the missing-since-launch Syria kneeboard years ago. I try to be a patient and understanding customer, but this issue is REALLY starting to #$@! me off now. And now, back to your regular, scheduled Patch Note discussions.
  20. I sucked at leftie mousing, too, but I've gained a basic level of competency over the past couple of years through DCS-based necessity. I'm not sure i could use the mouse with my left hand for anything complex, but I'm pretty comfortable with it in DCS now, Good luck with your trackball approach.
  21. I'm away from my PC until tomorrow, so does anyone know if by some truly unlikely miracle this actually got fixed in the latest Beta?
  22. It is possible, but it there aren't any easily accessible options available. This thread will point you in the direction if you're willing to do a little work with the Mission Editor. Start with Rudel_chw's post (the third post on the page)
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