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  1. +1 from me. It should be possible to build your own road bases as static objects. "Parkin slots" should also be included, so you don´t get stuck when leaving the road for Rearm and Refuel.
  2. I also hope for a Lansen or even for a Draken but all of most, support for Road Base operations with mobile crews (already got this), 800 m road base strip and taxiways as "static objects" and a scandinavia map :P
  3. Aaand back to the Q1 update..... Thank you Cobra for your excellent post. GL with the bug hunt.
  4. Thanks for the tip with 10, 20 km settings for the pop-up. It also finally worked for me after trying several times, wondering what I did wrong. 10 km is a looooong way for a pop-up so I hope RagnarDa finds the bug and makes AJS-37 Great Again ;)
  5. Thanks for the info! Looking forward to fly Viggen (again)
  6. Thank you Cobra. Looking forward to fly the coolest SAAB ever!
  7. Nice :thumbup: What about Filip Röd and Filip Blå, F 6? :joystick:
  8. I would volunteer but I currently don´t have any PC that can run DCS. But if you want help with the Swedish, I can help. I´m a native Swede and actually grow up in Karlsborg, where Kungliga Västergötlands Flygflottilj were located with two divisions AJ 37 Viggen. The name of the divisions was Filip Röd (1. div F 6) and Filip Blue (2. div F 6). At Skaraborgs Flygflottilj, the flotilla you are recruiting to, the division names is Gustav Röd and Gustav Blå So let me know if you think I can contribute in some form such as spelling in cockpit, all marks on the airframe or in manuals etc.
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