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  1. did you try my files? did you change something in profile files? fiirst have you to applyed the MOD??? As i find (i guess as a BUG) there is ALWAYS an overlapping of CPG MFD over PILOT MFD ... this it happen also if the display are called in different way. I found that id CPG MFD is show in different location the PILOT MFDs are displayed correctly, this is way i show CGP MFDs in PILOT profile in position 0,0 1 pixel hight and 1 pixel width
  2. In this case you have to wait that someone will build AH64 profile and i guess also a new version of HELIOS But there is nothing to do with this Work Around (don't forgt that HELIOS is the same workaround) the only feature that is missing in this solution (except of course all the graphics cockpit) is how to place the instriment ... For this you can use "Mofiki's Coordinate Finder" app or you can create a dummy profile with Helios and then change the devices names Otherwise wait!!!
  3. this is the base of my test /z file is for ovGMe but should be unpack lua file should be copied in Config\MonitorSetup on Saved game or main ED directory AH64.7z Apache CPG.lua Apache PLT.lua
  4. i did it and there are some problems but there is a work around ... Firsto of All ALSO IF YOU CHANGE THE VIEWPORT NAME when you go inside the Apache you are in the Pilot side but with a fixed CPG displayed MFDs if you change to CPG the MFDs started to work and a TEDAC is displayed (if exported of course) THIS IT HAPPEN ALSO IF ONLY THE PILOT VIEWPORT ARE DEFINED INTO MONITORSETUP PROFILE!!!! But i find that if Both The viewport are displayed they works properly but you have to show mfs in differend area ... so ... of course for pilot profile you can show also CPG viewport i configure them (left & right) in monitorSetup profile with 1 pixel width and 1 pixel height with this work around i can get a Pilot MFDs working Another problem is tha with the exported TEDAC io have a doubled displayed TEDAC inside the cocckpit
  5. https://issueexplorer.com/issue/olikraus/u8g2/1503
  6. ok check the callBack assignament hex code, is changed DcsBios::StringBuffer<25> dedLine1Buffer(0x4500, onDedLine1Change); DcsBios::StringBuffer<25> dedLine2Buffer(0x451a, onDedLine2Change); DcsBios::StringBuffer<25> dedLine3Buffer(0x4534, onDedLine3Change); DcsBios::StringBuffer<25> dedLine4Buffer(0x454e, onDedLine4Change); DcsBios::StringBuffer<25> dedLine5Buffer(0x4568, onDedLine5Change); about the code take care that usually the DED is written only when something is changed
  7. PTT is not working fine with WWII plane and SRS (tested with P51 and Mosquito) I set Radio1 and radio2 keys in SRS, not immediately but after few minutes that the plane is started up when RADIO1 or radio2 is depressed it stay ON until the other radio is depressed ... this it mean that for switch off one radio you switch on the other one, this is what it happen in SRS but ONLY IF VAICOM is running (modificato)
  8. I get this problem with 3 monitor, and when i test it i had the last DCS version .. i check it again after 2.7
  9. I'm approaching this issue ... before to start i have two questions: 1 - how you sync/zeroed the gauges? 2 - Why in some solution are you using a direct connection of the step motor to the gauges hands? is it for to speedup or down the hands or for to increase/decrease the step space?
  10. what does it mean that in DCS only one monitor is supported? I don't know who you are but are you answer behalf Eagle Dynamics support? because in this case it is worring
  11. I already setup a multimonitor configuration without problems there is no difference to setup 3 Full HD and 3 4K except the monitor width & height BUT I used also DCS multimonitor configurations and as i report with the same width 1camera.lua doesn't work (as in the attached image) and 3cameras.lua it works fine With the same width in option file. The different is that the first is using only one viewport and the second is using 3 different viewport so what i guess is that there is a problem or a limit in the viewport width max limit!
  12. no answer ... may be is the wrong topic
  13. viewing 4K in Full HD really sucks seeing big pixels especially on the 50"
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