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  1. Hello BIGNEWY, Thanks a lot for your answer and the fix provided! It works well indeed. There is a big drawback however : if I use an absolute FOV I completely loose the zoom feature/axis :(
  2. Please read the linked posts ... On a triple screen monitor, vertical FOV is like this : It's not a question of trackIR, it's just no good. It should be like this : Some tweaking in server.lua or in Cockpit/Views is required to make it correct (by correct I mean same vertical FOV as other DCS modules). Problem is server.lua is overwritten by some servers (not all) and editing lua in /views does not pass integrity check. => you cannot have playable FOV in MP right now. It is not. Having a borked FOV is. Other modules do not have this issue.
  3. Related to : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=270982 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=166142 Hello ED team, It is still not possible to use KA-50 on several MP servers which override server.lua -> FOV is just unplayable without lua tweaking. ED please fix this! it has been this way since the new cockpit is out, 8 months (!) if I am not mistaken.
  4. Can we have a formal statement from ED regarding this feature please? Is it on the TODO list? Is it planned?
  5. Yes you are right it uses SADL, which "shares information with Link16 through gateways" (source : USAF) "With SADL you can see everything that a friendly user puts on the link," So IRL A10C have no way to see air threats at least on their TAD ? Well that's a disappointment.
  6. I noticed unknown and hostile aircrafts are not represented in the Scorpion HMCS and TAD. In the documentation I can see : AIR TRK FRIEND : No function AIR NEUTRAL : No function AIR SUSPECT : No function AIR HOSTILE : No function AIR OTHER : No function Since AWACS feed this information to link-16 + obviously the placeholder option is there, how is it that we are not able to see it both on TAD and HMCS ?
  7. this. Only thing reliable IRL is MAR. We did tests pre and post patch at very different altitudes. All 120 MARs have decreased in the recent patch, but not by a lot. Main reason is : missile now briefly lose track in the middle of slice down maneuver. no chaff were used, purely energy tests. Current REDFOR meta in DCS is 1. Split S/Slice down at MAR 2. lose 20k feet at mach 2 while notching (which IRL would send a pilot to the hospital for like 3 weeks due to pressure difference) 4. recommit 5. shoot If FC3 radars were not instant all seeing AND/OR if bluefor SAMs were not that shitty (meaning having a true 15k feet hard deck and ability to shoot shit bellow 1k feet AGL), it would be a totally different story. We are very far from realism as far as DCS BVR engagements are concerned, but it is not necessarily a missile issue IMO.
  8. FYI I know this is marked as fixed but it is not for me. autoexec.cfg does not work either. EDIT : Works fine in solo, even without autoexec. Does not work in multi (server Blueflag), statics and bomb craters disappear >8.6nm
  9. Thread is going a bit out of subject here. @GOA Sorry I did not answer your last post because the issue would not happen again since my last reboot. Regarding all the people here complaining about general performance, 2.5 have never run so good since 2.5.0 Just put your preload radius on 5000 or lower and put the game + pagefile on SSD. That's it. I have 16Go Ram and multiplayer loads and runs perfectly well, as do solo missions. If you have less than 6Go VRAM on GPU, reduce terrain texture to low. Ease on Shadows and antialiasing if needed. If you push your hardware, DCS will not forgive and CTD, that's the sad truth but it does not mean it is unplayable, very far from it. Right now for me only Mission Editor still crashes a lot because terribly heavy on RAM (takes more than missions).
  10. ME is heavier than flying a mission in terms of RAM consumption right now.
  11. Looks awesome, nice work indeed ! Does every clients needs to install it in order for assets to be working in MP ?
  12. If the parking spot is occupied the a/c will choose another one like it should do, no ?
  13. Encountered in PG map latest OB both SP and MP, include helipads, buildings, units, helos and planes. I used static objects to build a target range lost in the middle of UAE's desert. Cannot see shit unless very close.
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