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  1. Copy. I guess the manual mode is not as accurate anyway so there's not really a way for it to ensure bomb impact spacing.
  2. Ok, so the training mission is incorrect when it refers to feet (you'd think they would double check these basic things in the training scenarios, along with all the spelling errors). And is the INT setting milliseconds between releases or impacts?
  3. If INT is feet, then why does the profile page indicate MS instead of FT? And if MS means milliseconds, is it milliseconds between releases or milliseconds between impacts?
  4. In the Manual Mode bomb training mission it says that the INT value is the number of feet between bombs and he has you input 100 feet, but on the bomb profile page it shows the INT value is MS. I assume this means milliseconds or meters. Either way, MS is not feet. Can anyone clarify please?
  5. You're right, it's there, just seems to be much quieter than before. Can only barely hear it with engines running now.
  6. I noticed there is no longer a canopy opening/closing sound. Tried all audio options. Anyone else?
  7. BTW, on the link you sent it says there is a repair option in the Start menu, a repair file in the DCS root folder, or to download the batch files and run them. I have no option in my Start menu, no file in my root folder, and downloading and double clicking the batch files doesn't run anything. What am I missing?
  8. Seems to be working now. I cleaned/repaired three times.
  9. Same problem, DCS loads to main screen but then crashes when I attempt to start any missions, campaigns, training, etc. Worked fine before update. Rebooted several times. No mods. Made no changes to any hardware or software. Updated drivers. Plenty of RAM. Plenty of SSD space. No page file issues. Can you please help Flappie? dcs.log-20220403-192756.zip
  10. Still misspelled over two years later.
  11. Yes, I was hoping that patch would fix things but it didn't as far as I can tell. WHOT/BHOT still wrong, still can't see objects very well when they should be very visible, still have to make a bunch of MFD adjustments that you shouldn't have to make in order to see things, etc. I know it's an ongoing process, but the TGP is kind of a big deal. It's not like "adjusted missile time of flight parameters" or "slightly tweaked the fuel usage of such and such a vehicle" or some other relatively minor issue.
  12. The TGP/FLIR/Mav get worse with every "update". Not sure why ED keeps doing this and why they won't provide any explanations. It's been many months since they said it would be fixed, but still nothing.
  13. So frustrating. We've been waiting a long time for the FLIR to be fixed (which was fine until they broke it), they said it would be, and nothing.
  14. Sometimes you can inadvertently assign the brakes to the wrong axis altogether, so you could check that also.
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