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  1. I draw the conclusion from the manual which says it's not implemented yet, and from the fact that it does not automatically select the best program when in S/A or AUTO modes. It simply activates whichever program you have selected.
  2. Yes, turning on the system works, my question was just whether the automatic selection of the best program in S/A or AUTO was functional and apparently it has not yet been implemented.
  3. Thanks guys. I wasn't waiting long enough for the timer to start. I don't see anywhere in the manual or guides that explains you have to wait 20 seconds for the alignment to start, so I thought it didn't work when it didn't start immediately.
  4. According to the checklist, selecting a stored heading is an alternate/faster method for alignment and all you should need to do is select CV. Am I misunderstanding?
  5. No, still doesn't work. I don't have a track but I just follow the checklist which says to set the ATT switch to AUTO and the INS switch to CV. It then just says NO ATT on the DDI and never starts aligning, so I just select IFA and it aligns. Not a big deal, but if I understand correctly you're supposed to select CV when operating from the carrier.
  6. Copy, thanks for checking. FYI, CV align doesn't work on the normal Supercarrier version either.
  7. Supercarrier, easy refuel. Also, it won't let me do a CV alignment, just displays NO ATT. Tried INS and AUTO on the ATT switch.
  8. Thanks, I tried that too. There is a crane blocking Cats 1 and 2 so you can't use those, and trying to use Cat 4 doesn't do anything either. No launch crew, no JBD, no launch bar engagement.
  9. After starting up the aircraft and getting clearance to taxi to Cat 3, what's the secret to launch the aircraft? I request launch from the ground crew but that does nothing, and taxiing into position on the cat does not raise the JBD or engage the launch bar.
  10. So the only thing QTY does is release multiple weapons in succession with one press of the release button, or you can press the release button multiple times to do the same thing since it cycles to the next stations anyway. I also tested whether you can release two weapons from the same station with one press of the release button and you cannot. You have to press the button twice.
  11. Sorry, I'm confused. Releasing multiple weapons is what I want to do, but above it says selecting two JDAMs won't do that and you have to enter the same coordinates for two different weapons.
  12. So if you have to program two weapons with the same target coordinates, what's the purpose of the QTY option? And is there a way to copy the coordinates into the second weapon rather than entering everything twice?
  13. When attempting to drop two JDAMs on the same target in PP mode, the first hits the target correctly but the second always falls well short. Not just a few yards short, but not even in the vicinity. I enter all the parameters, select QTY and box two stations, then proceed as normal to release the weapons. Both weapons release but only the first gets to the target. What am I missing?
  14. Dumb question: What am I missing in order to turn on external lighting? Strobe, Position, and Formation controls are set to bright but there is no external lighting.
  15. So are S/A and AUTO modes currently implemented?
  16. Thanks guys. The manual is not clear on this at all. Nowhere does it say that CMS FORWARD activates consent in S/A mode or that there are three hidden programs that the system chooses from when in S/A or AUTO modes. From the manual: • Aft. When in BYPASS mode, this will release one flare. If not in BYPASS mode or OFF, AUTO, S/A, or MAN mode will initiate the program. • Forward. When in BYPASS mode, this will release one chaff bundle. If not in BYPASS mode or OFF, it will initiate manual program 5. So what it should say is: - Fwd. When BYPASS is selected two chaff bundles are released. When ON is selected Program 5 is initiated in MAN mode and consent to dispense is given in S/A mode. - Aft. When BYPASS is selected two flares are released. When ON is selected the selected program is initiated when in MAN, S/A, or AUTO modes. It should also say something about pausing dispensing. In my test flights, I am unable to pause dispensing once a program has been activated in MAN mode, but pressing Fwd pauses dispensing in S/A and AUTO modes. The problem is that once I've paused dispensing in S/A or AUTO mode by pressing Fwd, there doesn't seem to be a way to unpause, reactivate consent, or reactivate auto dispensing without first initiating the manual program by pressing Aft.
  17. The manual says the S/A and AUTO modes are coming later, so I guess they're still not implemented.
  18. If the manual says that S/A and Auto modes will automatically select the appropriate countermeasures for the current threat, why does the EW page allow me to step through and select from five S/A and Auto programs? Do the S/A and Auto modes create a program depending on the threat, or do they only select from the five default or user created programs? Either way, if these modes are supposed to automatically select the best program, what happens when I select S/A 2, or Auto 4, for example? Will it use those programs, or will it select another program depending on the threat? Update: I just did a test mission and the S/A mode simply dispenses whichever program is selected by the pilot regardless of the threat. When I set it to S/A1 it dispenses Program 1, when I set it to S/A2 it dispenses Program 2, etc. against the same SAM threat. There doesn't seem to be any automatic determination or dispensing of whichever is the best program.
  19. Not hung up, simply asked a question. Apparently the answer is the F10 map doesn't allow waypoint incrementing, and there's a bug which always connects your aircraft back to Waypoint 1 and serves no purpose.
  20. Yes, but my question isn't about AI flights.
  21. I guess that could be it, but it's not just this mission, it's every mission for all the modules I have (A-10, F-16, F-18, F-14). If it was left over from original AI testing years ago, I would think that ED would have corrected it by now.
  22. Thanks, but as I've said several times I'm not asking about AI aircraft and I haven't added anything, edited anything, or modified anything, and I'm not asking about the SA page, HSI, nav computer, or anything else. Once again, as can clearly be seen in the screenshots I've posted, it is MY aircraft, showing the waypoints for MY mission, with MY flight plan shown in yellow, with a line always extending from MY aircraft back to the first waypoint. All I'm asking is why is there always a line extending from my aircraft's current position back to Waypoint 1? It serves no purpose.
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