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  1. Thanks Guys, Some great advice. Almost there....just need to wait a little bit longer. Will stay 2d for a little while longer.
  2. That is exactly what I am worried about. Thanks guys, I think you have given me some very good information. I think actually it might be best to stick with the flat screen for now, still have fun until the next gen GPU's and maybe better optimizations come this year. I really dont want to drop that amount of cash on something that I will be disappointed with performance wise. Not too long to wait I guess. Hope you are all enjoying the apache! Especially those able to fly it in VR -Falcaw
  3. Hi Guys, I use to play DCS during the 1.5 days in VR (Oculuts rift cv1) Absolutely loved it. My 1070 card was just enough at the time but once 2.5 came out and kids came along I decided I needed to wait a little bit to upgrade and get back into DCS. I have been following along VR progress compared with the hardware and now I have a bit more time on my hands I felt it was time to get back in! I started playing on my 1070 i5 computer just on a monitor with trackIR. Fun, but just not the same as VR. So i really wanted to take the plunge to get a good VR setup. But I cant quite decide on the specs of the PC and a certain price jump. I am looking to run a hp reverb g2. Option 1) Intel Core i7-12700KF, 32 GB RAM, 1000 GB SSD, GTX 3080 - around $3000 Option2) Intel Core i7-12700KF, 64 GB RAM, 2000 GB SSD, GTX 3080Ti - around $4300 It will be a dedicated DCS machine so I was thinking Option 1) would be enough but from what i have read on here I am wondering about option 2) as the syria map might need more Ram, and the extra Vram and cores on the 3080TI would be worth it. Cant decide though. I was wondering if I could get your advice? -Falcaw
  4. Hi Guys, Just a quick message to share my experince for those who are considering to buy from Trackhat. I have tried numerous times to contact support over the past month to enquire about delivery. No responses at all. I can understand delays, but want to be informed. I dont even know if they are still running? No order information is linked to my account that I can track through their website. After a quick internet search I see others are having similar issues (including some on this forum), I will start the payment challenge with my credit card company. Just some information of my experience so others can consider it before dealing with them.
  5. It is definitely something to do with the update. I had playable frame rates on the Caucasus DCE campaigns last week.
  6. :( Thanks for the update PB0, I unfortunately haven't had time to look into it further.
  7. Oh No! No problem! I think that a Persian Gulf map campaign is in the works from Quigon.
  8. Looking into this guys. I also have the same problem since the recent update straight after briefing, frame drop 1-2 FPS and pilot crash on startup for FA18 over Caucasus Multirole. Tested original Mirage over Caucasus-Multirole. Same problem. From the mission debriefing all static and active assets suffer a failure and crash. So I guess the CPU overloads while trying to calculate all that at the same time. Same problem for all Caucasus Mirage Campaigns too. Fighter and fighter light. Mirage and FA18 Desert 86 seem fine
  9. Fercyful confirmed the same problem. Fixed and uploaded the new file. If you just redownload the campaign it should be fine now. Was a problem in Camp_triggers_init.lua, it was throwing an unexpected character error on line 1. But I couldn't find any such character or problem with the file. I resaved the file and now it works. I uploaded the new version. Deleted the version on my PC, downloaded and tested. Should be fine now. Let me know if you have further problems.
  10. In the /init/camp_init.lua file there is a parameter startup_time_player = 1200, --time in seconds allocated for startup, taxi and take off for player flight which you can change, that should work. After you have changed it you will need to run FirstMission.bat to reinitialize the campaign for the new files in the Init folder that you changed.
  11. Definitely! Here is the FA18 Caucasus Multirole adaptation. I will update them as the FA18 release gains further capabilities. Hope you guys enjoy this great campaign from PB0_CEF with the Hornet. Limited testing for the campaign so if there are any problems let me know. Thank again PB0 FA18 over Caucasus-Multirole.zip
  12. Cool thanks PB0_CEF. Just updated your Mirage over the caucuses multirole with the FA18. Just testing now.
  13. Sure, here it is. Let me know if there are any problems. I did this pretty quickly so there are probably bugs. This was based upon the work by PB0_CEF and of course Mbot. I hope they are ok with me posting this. If not just let me know and i'll take it down again Desert FA18 86.zip
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