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  1. Last I checked it was specifically stated that we do NOT get the (V)9 but the (V)5. Personally I'd love a (V)9, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  2. Also, the (V)9 has SAR capability, the (V)5 does not
  3. Looks like they haven't safeguarded the radar/pipper logic against the errors that can happen in network communication yet.
  4. That's the way the open beta channel works, yes.
  5. Dual boot is your friend. Or Wine, but that has its limitations.
  6. Nobody is going to look at that here. You need to post this in the bug report/support section.
  7. Don't forget that the orthodox guys are still on holidays.
  8. Has the option to cap FPS via options.config.maxfps param in autoexec.cfg been removed? When I run the sim, it no longer caps to the FPS I set there.
  9. It isn't, because it keeps changing, without notice. I've been following ED very closely since before the first BlackShark was released, i've been a translator and moderator with more insight into how they work than the average customer for quite a few years. I understand the hardships that cause these issues, since I've been a developer myself for well over 6 years now. Even putting all this into the mix, ED still manage to throw me the the occasional curve ball, to the point where i find it hard to still be excited about development and the product itself.
  10. Wing loading, not wing load. It's a design criterion for airplanes. Basically, bigger wings & less weight = less wing loading and vice versa.
  11. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4057215&postcount=218
  12. It's been stated that we do NOT get the V9. The beta announcement specifically mentions V5.
  13. There's no way the HARMs puny built in sensor has the same detection range and capabilities as HTS. The difference in real estate available for the sensory array alone should make a huge difference.
  14. Which definitely doesn't extend to the capabilities of military equipment.
  15. Science is the reason. You have to use very high update rates if you expect TWS to keep up with a bandit maneuvering on the edge because he's defending against a missile.
  16. Doesn't redeem the failed projection, it only builds on it. There's so many what if's in your calculation that it's utterly pointless, one way or the other.
  17. How many of those are bots? How many are inactive? How many participate in this forum but don't buy from ED? The number of forum users is about the worst choice after a random number generator.
  18. Progress is being saved. When you restart, the progress bar shows the progress over the remaining amount of data, not the entire update. When you look closely, it indicates that the amount of data left to download is lower when you restart after having downloaded parts of the update.
  19. That's way, waaay too much for one day. :) Focus on no more than one topic a day and try to get a really good understanding. The further you get, the more it will all make sense in the grand scheme, but you need to have a good grasp of the basics. One days curriculum could for example be to learn the intervals of the major scale. Which ones are the half steps, which ones are the full steps? Then try on a piece of paper to write up some major scales in different keys (assuming you are familiar with musical notation, if not, you should start there). That way you learn which notes are sharp and which ones are flat in which key asf. (once you understand the concept, memorize the circle of fives so you can recall it quickly when you need it). You can probably get weeks out of any of these topics if you go really deep (and depending on your previous knowledge, which i know nothing about).
  20. There's so many videos and books out there, just start somewhere. Learn about the major scale. Learn about its chords. Learn about inversions of chords. Learn about the minor scale and its chords (harmonic and melodic minor if you feel fancy). Learn the pentatonic scale and its 5 positions (both major and minor). Learn the 7 modes. Once you have a good understanding of that you can go into more advanced chords (seventh, sixth, ninth, thirteenth and all that jazz). Also get a formal understanding of music, like typical song forms (e.g. 12 bar blues, bridge form, etc.). It's worthwhile learning about voice leading rules as well if you ever want to arrange a song yourself on the guitar.
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