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  1. Thanks for answer. I installed fresh DCS World and the campaign works great. All the best, Stulee
  2. Hi. I have the same situation. My Sarbe falls into the ground (apron) every time I have tried to start its engine. Any ideas. Stulee
  3. Looks great! What kind of hardware? Arduino? Any guide for beginers...? Best regards! Stulee
  4. Hi, is there any chance to have some kind of guide how to use this device. As far as I understood, EJoy have more options for number of full programing toggles/switches (mmjoy2 only 32). Is it true? BTW, Is Taobao only Chinese? All the best, Stulee
  5. Stulee


    Hello, A few days before I built a box (Micro Pro and MMjoy2) with switches and buttons that use 4021 registers. Everything works fine until I connected two encoders. Due to the fact that there was no free pins in 4021, the encoders were directly connected to the Arduino Mirco Pro (encoder No. 1: rows-B5, columns-E6, B4; encoder No. 2: rows-D7, columns-D4, C6 ). The problem turned out that the encoders "took over" previously assigned to the "H / W. Buttons" switches (1-2 and 7-8 ). As a result, the whole assignment of buttons in MMjoy2 do not work correctly. Is there any software way to change it? Regards, Stulee
  6. Hi! I have problem which is described in FAQ "Q: In the VoiceAttack window my commands are recognized but DCS is not responding?" I traied all tricks from the manual. But still it does not work. I have the information in debug mode "Specific recipient called, instant select mode = False". My DCS is not installed on "C:" drive.
  7. Thanks a lot! You are great man, Sokol1_br! The last my question: is the same pinout for TQS FLCS and Cougar one? Stulee
  8. Hi, It looks easy to do. I have CH Products F-16 Fighterstick (DB15) and my question is ... may I do the same way? But I do not have orginal joystick wire pinout. All the best, Stulee
  9. Hi, I am looking for any instruction to connect STM32 with ST link v2 and some kind of guide to use them to load firmware and Easy Joy 32 One software. Would you be so kind to give me some instruction to do these well. Best regards, Stulee
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