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  1. Might want to turn off teamspeak chat notification in the future Micro, good stream though
  2. Should be even more interesting if you have a kneeboard that you can interact with from VR perspective IMO
  3. Pic related, how i feel flying the flanker now
  4. Modern air combat is more complex than flipping switches
  5. F 15 being able to pull Gs like that is already helpful because they got more room for errors and they can do it without any repercussions (blackout yes but airframe damage model wise).
  6. Totally agree with this, im more concerned about the chaff rather than the range.
  7. damn i fell asleep 1 hour before the event and missed all the fun :(
  8. Theres an option for subtitle though, so it doesnt really matter if the AWACS speaks russian or english. Its under options>audio
  9. Is there a ping limit running on the server now? I've been getting random connection timed out since last week if i remembered correctly and it only happens in this server. My ping is usually 280 to 300++.
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