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  1. Cold War and Hoggit Syria at war is no joy for Viggen, CTD every time.
  2. When I select Viggen in a MP and press FLY, DCS crashes, only Viggen does this. In SP Viggen works great. dcs.20210415-204858.crash dcs.log
  3. I have tried it today, it’s like magic. The landscape gets superclear in reverb G2. Best mode I have tried in DCS!
  4. You are right, changing this make no difference after some testing. But resetting to default and then use the same settings as Bignewy made a difference for me. Unclear what setting that made the difference. I also tried the 60Hz mode now. And that works even better now. Superstable at 60fps and no ghosting.
  5. I did some MP tonight on the Cold War server, on the ground 60-70fps and in the air 90fps. I have the G1. Magic! Same settings as Bignewy
  6. I reseted my nvdida 3D settings and used Bignewy settings. I went from 60-70fps to 90fps in the F18 free flight mission Syria. Thanks!
  7. I have the same problems since a couple of weeks , Steam VR crashes often when I join MP server.
  8. I have IPD 67 and the Reverb is working super. The clarity is amazing. And the performance is equally to the Rift S.
  9. Which Windows 10 version do You have? 1809 has a bug that blurrs the WMR headset. 1903 has a fix for this.
  10. Whete do I find VR auto detect setting in Steam VR?
  11. Had my Reverb for a month now, I’m super pleased with it. Night and day compared to CV1 and a big step compared to Rift S. My only problem is the tracking when sitting down. It loses 6dof tracking sometimes and another annoying problem is when looking down to the side panels. I hear a “wosh” sound and my position in cockpit moves sideways. Really annoying during a dogfight. Any tips how to avoid theses problems?
  12. I have CV1, S and Reverb. Can’t see any 3D effect differences.
  13. I think there’s hope. They rebuilt the maps and saw a 50% performance increase. But this increase mysteriously disappeared when they recompiled v2.55. I hope they still try to find what went wrong.
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