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  1. It looks like the functions of BHOT-WHOT are inverted. On WHOT, where heat should be displayed in white, it is in black.
  2. The new FLIR rendering system has brightened everything up, but not the vehicles. Everything is working the opposite of what it should be. The A-10C is still good, the F-18 flir is broken. Are the vehicles black and the surrounding terrain terribly bright? Is it only with me?
  3. The radar doesn't even work on the gunzo. The helicopter can sit in your bow and the radar is blind anyway.
  4. I'm not talking about fox 2, but following the helicopter, finding it. As you can see in the video, I can't even use the radar using Vulcan.
  5. In total, I made several raids from different sides on the Mi-8, trying to target it with the radar and shoot it down with the Vulcan. Unfortunately, the helicopter is completely invisible to the radar in any operating mode.
  6. I cannot lock the target at low altitude in any way.
  7. Of course not a problem, if it gives me stable DCS operation, and the graphics card works stably and consumes less power, it does not bother me.
  8. Using the "XTREME GAMING ENGINEZ" software, I reduced the GPU frequency to ECO mode, i.e. to 1830 MHz, I just made a 45-minute flight without crash DCS. Unfortunately, after disabling "XTREME GAMING ENGINEZ", the display drivers restore GPU frequency 1936 MHz. The card is overclocked at the factory. Factory frequency should have: Boost: 1860 MHz / Base: 1721 MHz in OC mode Gain: 1835 MHz / Base: 1695 MHz in gaming mode I have no idea why it comes default to 1937MHz?
  9. I have the latest Nvidia drivers, a new Seasonic Focus 850W power supply, only the graphics card is older. However, it passes the test in FurMark. Other games, IL2, Witcher, Arma are working fine. The frequency and temperature are given in the file "GPU-Z Sensor Log" GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
  10. I play in default mode, I do not turn on OC, there is also Eco Mode.
  11. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8GB
  12. I have exactly the same problem as my colleague Atze Morgenrot, unfortunately I cannot deal with it.
  13. But I don't have overclocking set on my graphics card. Factory settings.
  14. Unfortunately, I have a similar problem, continuous game error after a few minutes of play. New computer, new system installation, new DCS installation, latest drivers, other games are working properly. dcs.log-20220108-121038.zip
  15. DCS hangs randomly but only when flying Mi-24. When I fly the A-10CII or F-18, the game works fine. dcs.20210727-211710.crash dcs.20210727-211710.log
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