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  1. Thanks a lot for this great piece of work helping the great DCS community!!!!
  2. I tend to agree with HawgDawg4Life that we need a solution to recentre the TGP. I wonder why this has changed. What is meant by going stanby then AG on again? Hopefully the manual will be updated soon with a work around!:helpsmilie:
  3. I tend to agree with HawgDawg4 Life; why have they changed the way to recentre the TGP? Furthermore DutchJackal which standby are you referring to? In any case the manual should provide guidance on how to recentre the TGP. I am sure it will be included at next update!
  4. I am quite new to these threads but following your discussion one question popped up that could be useful to me and others. If you wanted to move your DCS to a bigger SSD, could you copy your Eagle Dynamics Dir to the new SSD and make a repair instead of a full download to the new SSD?
  5. Our group flew a night mission last evening and the targeting pod screen was so bright even with brightness set to 1 that it was almost unusable. I reduced gamma to 1.5 but still too bright. Any settings used by anyone that helped with this problem. I do not fly with VR but brightness is still a major problem.
  6. HOTAS radio select M-2000 Thank you to all for your quick response and your help. Easy comms was checked, I unchecked it and fixed the problem. I switch to open beta and did a new install, one item missed. Thanks again to all :thumbup:
  7. HOTAS radio select M-2000 Thank you all for your comments. I will verify about easy comms although other aircraft work as they should. I will also undo mute in Discord and veryfy SRS. You see, before I moved my thrustmaster warthog radio button forward and had access to UHF radio or I moved it backward and had access to V/UHF radio. Will continue to explore!!!
  8. I searched in the bug thread of the M-2000 but did not find my problem. I do not know if anyone else has experienced this. I use Thrustmaster Warthog throttle switches (4 way hat and push button) on right throttle for U/VHF, UHF and radio menu radio select. In the control section of the M-2000 these HOTAS radio select switches are bind and indicate that they are indeed working. However, while in flight they do not work except one for radio menu select. Thank you.
  9. Thank you very much Azrayen for your pertinent and candid comments and the responses to my questions. I am simply trying to improve an already excellent document and truly appreciate your comments. I am also submitting an amended document as you suggested containing my revised suggested amendments based on the text below. I agree with you on my comment for page 37 concerning SEC Calc and I have remove this comment in my amended document. However, do you think this sentence would gain in clarity if it said – In Sec Calc, the afterburner cannot be lit but will remain on if it was already engaged before the switch to Sec Calc. For your concurrence. Page 46 My comment changed based on your response to my question. Comment on page 61 concerning Degraded and Emergency is removed from my amended document Comment page 64. Document changed based on your comment and include the following. Could I suggest the following for this sentence. The M-2000C auto-pilot is designed to allow the pilot to turn it on shortly after takeoff and use the trim control to fly the aircraft. The pilot can also put temporarily the auto-pilot in standby to make a correction and then automatically return to its previous auto-pilot settings. For your concurrence. Page 64 Section autopilot panel second line. This comment is removed from my document. Page 97 My mistake, you are right these abbreviations are included in page 92, 93; comment removed. Page 120 Agreed, you are right -or- should be replaced by -of- here. Document amended accordingly. Page 157 Comment in document clarified based on your comment. This section should expand about positive and negative value in delta altitude entry for an offset point. My question relates to how to determine if you will enter a positive or a negative value in the delta altitude entry for an offset point. Is it solely negative when your offset point is below sea level? For instance, if your reference point is at 4500 feet and your offset point at 5000 feet, does this result in a negative or positive value and what about the opposite; do you see where I am going to? Page 179 concerning Z mode and based on your response, should the text be amended to state the the number of the right of the cross? Page 190 Comment removed in amended document. Page 220 Question removed in amended document. Page 221 Last paragraph of page 2, 2nd sentence Changed as you suggested. I used to write lots of document in my previous life and I know that after a while you can no longer spot your typos and last night writing these comments, I spotted another typo on page 143 sub-paragraph 10 Data setting knob second sentence, change mor to more. Again thanks to Baltic Dragon for an excellent document greatly helping the DCS M-2000C community. :smilewink: M2000C improved manual by Baltic Dragon version 2.doc
  10. :thumbup:Thank you Baltic Dragon for a splendid work on the revised manual on the M2000. I learned so much going through the revised manual again great effort. I am including a file covering minor typos in the document for your review. Again thank you very much M2000C improved manual by Baltic Dragon.doc
  11. Tested the new update of DCS world 2 last night and problems with A-10C battery switch and F-15 control axis are fixed. Would like to thank DCS technical team for its excellent support to fix these problems and others. Scope
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