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  1. Computer Target does not work, when I fly more than one mission without restarting DCS. The Target Diamond is not blinking and when I select a target the diamond jumps to an unknown location in space. F14 CCRP..trk
  2. same for me I cant get it to work. I can only manually designate a target.
  3. How is the size of the new threat circles determined? Just got shot at by a SA6 way outside its threat circle.
  4. I think you are correct with yor asumptions. I had the temperature set to -10C. Without temperature correction the target diamond was way short of the actual location (end of runway). With temperature correction the TGT diamond is pretty spot on. Now I tested with MK83 the accuracy in AUTO mod. At lower levels the bombs hit pretty mutch spot on with temperature correction. At altitudes from 12000 feet and above you can notice the bombs beginn to fall shorter and shorter of the target. Probably because of the higher airdensity with colder temperatures and the longer distance traveld of the bomb in this thicker air.
  5. Yes you are correct the F18 seems to only take the barometric altitude into account at the moment. If I correct for the ISA difference with the QNH setting the TGT is on point in the HUD. The radaraltimeter is also not taken into account at the moment. I guess we have to wait for the implementation of GPS or other means of compensation to get accurate indications.
  6. The location of the TGT diamond in the HUD is wrong if the selected outside temperature differs from 20C. The offset gets smaller when the temperature approaches 20C. Also the offset gets smaller the closer the aircraft gets to the actual TGT location. For reference view: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=228644 HUD TGT -12_4C.trk HUD TGT 20C.trk HUD TGT 50C.trk
  7. altimeter was 29.92 in all cases. should not be the reason. Seems I have found a bug.
  8. Well it seems like I found the failure. The Hud does not compensate for the outside air temperature. First picture -12.4C, second 20C, third 50C.
  9. It seems to be in the correct location only the HUD is showing it in the wrong place. Because if I get closer the diamond moves up to the correct location.
  10. Yes elevation is correct. I did some more testing. It also happens when I spawn in the air next to Batumi. So INS Drift cant be the reason. The strange thing is, it only happens in this mission, as if something is interfering with the Hornet.
  11. Is INS drift simulated and if, is there a way to update the INS. I flew a longer mission and my target location in the hud was way off from the actual position. I started with a already running Hornet on a carrier. So wrong INS alignment should not be the reason. Thanks for your help.
  12. Same for me, tried multiple times, without success.
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