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  1. I mean yes but I doubt this is expected behavior as the ASMs weren't even flying that low, they weren't sea skimming, and we know it's supposed to be able to perform that task. Perhaps not against P700s but I didn't find the closure speed to be the issue.
  2. Hello, Here are a few bugs and things I noticed when testing these new assets, thanks btw. 1- On the three new british frigates, the F12, F57 and F72, the Seacat launchers appear to have the wrong masking set up for them as they will fire into the radar mast in front relative to the ship. Track attachedSeacat_ship_hit.trk. Video attached. 2- Seacats seem to be fired just a touch too early, nearly missing a target if reached after engine cut off. Track attachedSeacat_short.trk. Video Attached. I have done more testing with different aspects for the target, same story. 3-Seacats when fired from the F12, the F57 or the F72 dip after launch. This becomes a particularily annoying issue when targeting low flying crafts such as ASMs. They slap themselves into the water. Track AttachedSeacat_water.trk. Video Attached. 4- The Seadart's booster is not present before launch and is not jettisonned after cut off but the entire model is WIP obviously. Video Attached. 5- The Seatcat is near instantly reloaded after a missile is fired, that seems odd ? It's along the lines of 10 seconds which seems really optimistic to say the least. 6- The Seacat is only fired at targets lower than 3000ft ish MSL, is this intended ? Missile has plenty of energy to reach higher altitudes. That's it, thanks in advance and hopefully these can be resolved/answered. Rex.
  3. So, I've not had the opportunity to try the Scud again in a while but I am sadened to report that the issues I reported in the OP are still very much present today, despite the Scud having been officially released. -> Wind is not corrected for in flight or at least not properly -> Altitude differences are not taken into account when firing on point (and in the fire at point option window if you set the altitude reference to MSL it simply does not fire) Perhaps not a bug but just something I noticed, the attack unit/attack group orders do not work, the scud does not fire. I guess it makes sense. However, the scud does drive to align with the local slope which allows it to fire the missile nice and straight thanks to the deployable feet it has which is neat.
  4. I owe you sir an apology, the datasheet is misleading. There is no end stop (just received a couple). They work great but beware they offer no significant resistance unlike some of these larger pots. @Hempstead Yeah the fonts are kinda all over the place, shame, out of all the liberties I took that was not really part of them. Thanks a lot, Gordon URW Condensed looks quite promising indeed. I can always draw the few characters that don't match on my own, worse case scenario, like the 1, fairly easy, even the hyphen really. Parametric modelling software for creating fonts lol.
  5. 330° adjustement angle as per the datasheet, which is still too much regardless, the wheels should turn about 180° so bumstops are required. What Simgears did is pretty well though out so I just, lets say, took inspiration from it. That gordon font ? https://www.ffonts.net/Gordon-Regular.font I must not have found the right one since it doesn't seem to have a hyphen either. Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll keep looking.
  6. Well it's been a while but I though I'd share how Simgears seems to have done it (and I think they got it pretty bang on right with the real deal). They're using a flat potentiometer, not sure if there's a better term for it but that's what it looks like. There : (Bourns 3382G/H) https://www2.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Bourns/3382G-1-103G?qs=AgBp2OyFlx%2FKuZqq5DE8cg%3D%3D This component is mounted inside of a hub which itself is screwed into the backplate of the ICP assembly and capped by the wheel. Now I'm not really sure how they manage to keep the wheel from popping off, at least reliably, so on my end I added a gasket which will make it a pain to remove but why would you do that On a related note, what font are they using for the writings on the ICP (it is not MS33558) ? I simply cannot find it but @Ranma13 either did it himself (respect) or found it since on the first picture it looks pretty much like it.
  7. Hello, I have heard a few times times since launch that the use of countermeasures requires a human in the front or for the pilot to bind the switches on the ASO-2V panel. But the first solution does not work, in fact. Every switch and button on the ASO-2V panel is not synchronized between the pilot and the operator in multicrew meaning that none of my actions on this very panel, as an operator, have an impact for the pilot. Reciprocally, if the pilot changes the position of one of the switches, I cannot see it on my end but it does actually change how the ASO-2V works. This means that if the pilot sets up the countermeasures via his bindings, the system will work flawlessly but the operator can't "interact" at all with it. I believe it is the reason why only the operator can see the countermeasures he released, as the pilot was never made aware of that button press. This is also particularly noticeable with cassettes, if the operator tries to switch between I/II/III and neutral, number I will remain selected until drained and the system will stop working after 64 flares only have been expanded. Hopefully this makes sense, I will try to provide a track if needed. Thanks, Rex
  8. @FlappieSorry for the delay, attached you'll find a mission where a square is drawn around the bullseye after 10 seconds (runs the included script with triggers). You'll notice that : 1-You need to click on the map to make the square render when it spawns and every time it goes out of sight 2-It moves with your camera Both of these are fixed by enabling the ruler Drawing_BugReport.miz PS : Here is the doc on the command used to draw lines https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_lineToAll
  9. Hey guys I just tested it and now it works for the clients but not the host ! Half way there but the most important half seems to be working.
  10. Hello, Recently I have noticed that the JSOW-A is very sensitive to the parameters in which it is released. If you release too high and/or too fast, it will crash itself in the ground before being able to reach the target, in fact way before. This is surprising as the JSOW-C does not have this issue and, assuming excessive speeds are the problem, both JSOWs are perfectly capable of turning quite sharply for their terminal maneuver at those same high speeds (mach 1.1 seems to be the limit). In the following tracks and associated tacviews you will find : -One where the issue occurs (JSOW-A_AP_issue) -One where the release parameters have been chosen for the issue not to occur (JSOW-A_AP_no_issue) -One where I released with the same parameters as in the first track but at the range obtained with the parameters in the second track (JSOW-A_AP_control) to make sure this wasn't range related. In this one you'll find that the JSOW-As almost made it but the issue still seems to be present or perhaps another one but I'll let the devs look at this in detail. Hopefully this can be fixed, JSOW-As are quite important when doing DEAD. Thanks, Rex JSOW-A_AP_issue.trk JSOW-A_AP_issue.acmi JSOW-A_AP_no_issue.trk JSOW-A_AP_no_issue.acmi JSOW-A_AP_control.trk JSOW-A_AP_control.acmi
  11. Hello, Sometimes (rarely) when you click and drag aircrafts in the editor a ghost icon will remain in their orignal position, as shown with this picture taken on Syria (however, from memory this applies to all maps) : This ghost cannot be clicked or dragged. The only way to get rid of it is to reload the mission. There is a very similar issue with the F10 map and statics which can get extremely annoying and is more consistent but that is for another post. Hopefully this can be reproduced. Thanks, Rex
  12. Hello, Recently the ability to draw lines via scripts on the F10 map was added (or at least made fonctional). It's fantastic, however they move with your camera so to speak, they don't stay in their designated position. This video shows it well (drawing is in bright green) : https://youtu.be/dhK8h1px6MM Additionally, you can fix this bug by simply enabling the map ruler. Not sure what's going on back stage but I hope this gives a clue to the devs. Thanks, Rex
  13. Hello, First of all I'd like to thank the author of this mod because it's flippin awesome. I am however encountering an issue with the calculator tab, it seems my pen cursor just stops updating it's position when I enter that page. I am using a Wacom One (2017) tablet on the left kneeboard only (left handed). Thanks again, Rex
  14. Hello, I have recently noticed that the V-755 missile fired by the Sa-2 we have in DCS has a habit of missing fast movers at high altitudes flying straight at the SAM site (40k feet, mach 1) because it is unable to pull enough Gs (2G max) to make the intercept at least until it's too late to pull more (it did ping to around 8G just before missing by around 100m, track is attached) . Now that seemed a bit odd so I dug a bit and found some very interesting, well written, thorough and complete (most of the time, depending on the available data on a particular SAM) documents about multiple Soviet SAM systems which I will link in this post. All of the sources are cited in the said documents. From an initial analysis this looks like an issue with the PN coefficients because neither the document or the game shows that the missile would not be capable of reaching the target if it maneuvered as hard as it could (which I see no reason why it wouldn't in the final stages of the intercept). Anyways I will let the devs take a look at the data and the documents and figure how to fix this odd behavior properly but I did try and modify the PN coefficient (increased from 0.5 to 1 in the DCS\CoreMods\tech\TechWeaponPack\Database\vehicules\SAM\S75_Launcher file) used when the missile is within 1000m of the target and it fixed the issue in this particular scenario. HOWEVER, don't stop reading here ^^, the missile would greatly benefit from more PN coefficients and more adjustements. I think that is about it. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Rex Documents 1.zip Documents 2.zip Documents 3.zip TestSa-2.trk
  15. Hello, It seems statics are not taken into account by the A/G radar, they do not show up. Picture of the target area in the ME : Picture of the AO seen by the radar : You can only see the five tanks and none of the statics. Attached are the mission file and a track. Cheers, Rex
  16. I am well aware, just putting out some feedback for the developpers so they can release a bug free Scud :).
  17. Hello, The scud hasn't officially been release yet but i though this was important and is worth showing to the devs. The scud-B currently misses it's target by 0,8NM (no wind, firing from flat and smooth ground on a target situated on flat and smooth ground) to 11NM ! (heavy ish winds firing from flat and smooth ground on a target located on flat and smooth ground). Even under ideal conditions, 0,8NM is a lot according to multiple, though debatable, sources (couldn't find any official data unfortunately). It seems the autopilot is not quite finished or dialed in, on re-entry the missile is not pointing down but instead up and it makes very erratic corrections. Tracks and missions attached. Sincerely, Rex ScudB_wind.trk ScudB_nowind.trk testscudB_wind.miz testscudB_nowind.miz
  18. Hello guys, After using Oculus touch controllers for a while now in DCS, there are a few things that would monumentaly improve the experience and I mean that. Here is a quick video explaining these items (description also sums it up) : I pray ED for these to be implemented ^^, Thanks Rex
  19. Hello, I have been using Oculus controllers for a while now, and wether it is on my Oculus Rift, my first Oculus Rift S and my second Oculus Rift S, I've noticed that there is too much haptic feedback, to a point where it is annoying, battery consuming and uncomfortable. Here is a "quick" video showcasing the issue : Hopefully this is enough to showcase the problem, I would love to see this fixed :) Goodluck squashing it, thanks. Rex
  20. Is this the datalink pod you're talking about or have you decided to make a Block 2/3 in the end ?
  21. Same weirdness happens in the A-10, very likely a problem on ED's side then.
  22. Most likely the area of the map that you were in is just on the edge of the map used by the Harrier. The same problem occurs in the A-10 although not necessarily in the same spots and zoom (the map might disappear if you zoom too much).
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