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  1. People will most likely disagree with me, for me I got a 2080TI around xmas / new year, hoping for two things, 1 Faster FPS in VR on DCS, and 2 to get Unreal Engine to Raytrace. Initially I was disappointed on both counts, over the last 3 months now Unreal and Unity have released plans for ray-tracing. Now I'm waiting for DCS to do something cool. But from what I understand'm mostly CPU Bound, so going from 980TI to 2080TI didn't do much, I have gained some stability in my frame-rate but I didn't see much of a jump, I'm just now more consistent at 45 fps, where before I slid into the 30's and 20's every so often... explosions etc...
  2. Has same issue with AV8B, and Hornet last night, doing some refreshers on carrier ops :D
  3. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160053 To make sure you're getting the right updates... and are on the right build...
  4. I can confirm that with Build I can see and download F-14 Module. I was looking for this info in this thread, couldn't find it, so I thought I'd add it here. This is the DCS Beta (DCS_25) Version. I haven't confirmed if I can download it for release, I would imagine not, but the above post obviously states it should work with both, but that has not been my experience with AV8B or F-18... so your mileage may vary...
  5. I was trying to build a FOB, and it said something like I needed 3 small crates to make 1 Large crate, and I needed 3 Large Crates to get a FOB going. That's 9 crates, and a lot of trips back and forth, I know it's not easy, but I'd say more "Reasonable" to scale the number of trips, with the number of players or a running average per hour, as I immediately, said to myself, there is no way I'm making 9 trips of 15 min one way or 30 min round trip, per trip. Unless that's a typo, that's excessive.
  6. One could argue NTTR is a fictional map, as there is no active conflict that goes on there, and the training exercises that get flown there are because of certain logistical features of the area, that make it good for training. The fact that DCS uses it is in fact to have simulations of the real "Simulations" (Red Flag) for training because real life can't make up training grounds for two weeks and then tear down the runways, hangers, and targets after they're done. So I think a more appropriate question is what do you want to train, area familiarization, or combat tactics. I think real life terrains do both, but that doesn't make fictional maps irrelevant.
  7. Thank link led me to the fix, but the LUA Files did nothing. For some reason deleting my preference files, set the Textures and Ground textures to Low, as well as messing up my performance tune, which should have been expected. But the thing that fixed it was setting the textures to anything but LOW, as somehow that texture for the AOA indicator and the Ladder, seems to be marked as not renderable on low. So it's reproduceable.
  8. To test this, after I started noticing it in Multiplayer, I start a "Instant Action" on Harrier and select Free Flight Caucuses. And the ladder and aoa indicator are missing. This is specific to So I don't know how / why this happened, so it's kind of a useless bug, in that I have no way to reproduce it, I just know that I can't get rid of it, I have tried in this order. Repaired DCS Cleaned and Repaired DCS Deleted All Settings from my user folder except for my key bindings, which are Sym-Linked to the main Release Build folder. Un-Installed AV8B N/A and re-Installed the module. When I tested this in with the same, Instant action, Free Flight, my AOA and Ladder are present in the hud.
  9. Tempest Lonewolf USA Viggen, UH1, or M2000 in that order of preference
  10. Fun with Day 1 Releases... :O I have the same issue, mine shows up in the DCS Web Account, and had to force the download, I hope it works now.
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