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  1. This is the MAXIMUM range and does not mean that you are going to hit a target at that distance. The average Rtr is 13-11mn, but will depend heavily on a number of factors and the way the enemy aircraft behaves. There are also other things that help get a hit over longer distances, but I believe the DCS F / A-18C still does not fully simulate the HUD symbology and especially the radar.
  2. Wilhelms

    Moving map ?

    The early access policy reflects the community we have today ... There is always an excuse for any criticism and everything is difficult to solve. In my work I need to present a new product, planning it and the deadline, I can sell an unfinished product without problems, but I can not sell a product without estimating a delivery time and I guarantee that most of all whole world also work that way. I do not buy the module just to enjoy it, but also to help developers grow and bring better products and more comfort to their customers. For me it could be only $ 60 and make no difference to the community and developers, but the "$ 60" of 10 friends of mine are already $ 600, in the squad that I participate are much more than $ 1500. If this is indifferent to you, I'm sorry. I'm not a newcomer to DCS and I know how things work, but in recent times I see the growth of the platform, but at the same time new policies only hinder those who want to play quietly. It's okay that we have an early access, but the least we should have is more transparency between developers and the community, a minimum threshold of features that should be present in the early acess (example of this is the Harrier radio that is a super functionality basic, but not yet present in the module) and mainly a deadline. Anyway, everyone has the right to opinion, I respect the opinion of all members of this forum and above all, I respect Razbam's work very much and I am sure we will have a module at Mirage level, I only disagree on the points I mentioned above.
  3. Wilhelms

    Moving map ?

    Almost 3 months after the release of Harrier and almost no really relevant update so far... When I saw the log I ran to see the map and had nothing... I am very disappointed with the progress of updates to this module.
  4. I also tested several configurations with the Mk-82, but in none of them did the Interval Control work, the pumps always fall in clusters. The solution to be able to sweep a column of vehicles or targets grouped in line, is to set the bombs in pair and go giving pickle.
  5. I did not pay attention to this detail, I will do some tests here. I usually take off (horizontally) and land in vertical position.
  6. TITLE CORRECTION: Interval Control does not work and Harrier does not have "force" for vertical takeoff and landing. It looks like the Interval Control is not working, even if you set it, the bombs fall all together in one place. I also noticed that sometimes the Harrier does not have the "strength" to take off or land vertically, even with the empty loadout and with only 15% fuel in the tanks. On vertical takeoff, the aircraft does not simply rise and during landing the aircraft loses sustentation and falls.
  7. I have Open Beta. I think I found the problem, as it has been a long time since I did not fly in the Open Beta, it was out of date, I put it to upgrade before and it went to version 1.5.7 and not to version 1.5.8.
  8. I bought the Harrier, but it is not showing up for me either in the Modules Manager, or in the mission editor, etc ... How should I proceed to activate it?
  9. I'm having the same problem, I can not activate my modules, because the page is out.
  10. The INS is limited to waypoints made in the briefing or created using the F10 map ratios, and the INS system is not very accurate. I really enjoy making free flights in Nevada, especially when I get home tired after a long day at work. With the INS system I can only go to certain points in the briefing, creating several waypoints during a free flight, it is very laborious, since with GPS the free flight becomes more interesting because I can go from one point to the other knowing exactly where I am, I can locate nearby bases without having to look at the F10 map ... I believe that after developed, it is much simpler to implement it in aircraft, if we have this feature, why not use it? Very cool, Vitor Moura. I really was enthusiastic about this feature. As I said, once you have clarified which aircraft will equip this GPS and what the pricing policy will be, I will definitely buy it (provided the price is not absurd).
  11. Incredible work. Being part of the original aircraft or not, will greatly facilitate the navigation of old aircraft. DCS needs implements like this. :thumbsup: I would love to have the GPS on the Bf-109, FW-190, P-51, Spitfire, F-5, Huey, Gazelle, Saber, L-39, Mirage and especially on F-5. :lol: But before acquiring it, I will wait for more answers about its implementation on other aircraft, the fact that I have to buy it individually for each aircraft (if it is actually sold in this way) it bothers me a lot and the purchase will become unfeasible for me.
  12. I've never had this problem. I tried several ways to solve this problem, but I did not succeed. I had to set POV Up left and down right to use using Coolie Switch up and down.
  13. Hello, Sydy. The POV is not broken, it works perfectly in controller properties and in other games, only in DCS that POV does not work Up and Down.
  14. Hello, guys. My DCS (in both version 1.5 and 2.0) is not recognizing the throttle POV Up and Down, when I test it on the controller properties, it shows that it is working perfectly (attached images). All other 6 positions of the POV and all other buttons are recognized in the DCS, only the POV Up and down not. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
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