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  1. Added labels to wires. Pedal mod still works good after 2 years.
  2. I'll also add, mounting the SPO-2 reduces the weight of the plane by 80 kg in the mission editor.
  3. The SPO-2 warning tone continues when turned off. MiG-19 SPO.trk
  4. Second track shows the lack of hypoxia with O2 turned off at high altitude, and pressure in cockpit with cockpit pressurization lever in closed position. MiG-19 Oxygen.trk MiG-19 Oxygen 2.trk
  5. Aileron and elevator boosters turned off: MiG-19 Boosters.trk
  6. Second track shows the radar altimeter working switched off MiG-19 Electrical 1.trk MiG-19 Electrical 2.trk
  7. I'm unable to pull the handle to release the gear locks as its not clickable, yet the gear is able to be lowered with the locks in place by opening the gear emerg. pneumatic valve.
  8. The Oxygen flow and pressure indicator gauge is showing pressure with the main oxygen valve turned off (turned all the way clockwise) and the flow blinker automatically blinks (indicating respiration) when the wheels leave the ground. Conversely when the wheels touch the ground the flow indicator stops blinking and pressure remains, again with oxygen off.
  9. Aileron boost switch on or off I see no difference in input responsiveness.
  10. Yes. Still reading 28 v from battery without ground power, able to start both engines simultaneously with starter-generators off, ARK-radio and altimeter-radar work with switches off, left indicator lights work still. I stopped testing there as it all appears the same from last open beta.
  11. As was posted in the Gunsight Keybinds thread post #7, the in game range and wingspan axes only responds to a small degree of motion (about 10% in the middle) of potentiometer movement on controller. Also other axes that do work in game such as lighting and radio volume only respond to half of the pot axis movement. That in effect reduces the resolution by half.
  12. The marker beacon and radar altimeter functions with the switch on right-hand panel turned off. Rear R-H switches # 6,7,8,9 (pg. 47) for ARK-5, left indicator lights, switch for gears, air-brakes, flaps, drag chute, and switch for hydraulic boosters appears to not be functional or not be connected to the system.
  13. Ailerons appears to be ripping off at ~60 deg. per second now after update. I think the damage threshold was decreased 30 degrees instead of increased 30.
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