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  1. I don't think Wisconsin ANG 176th Fighter Squadron has been done either.
  2. Ignore the haterade on reddit. You'd think none of the whiners there have ever been a part of Early Access before. I'm glad I pre-ordered it. I admit it. I've been in love with the F-16 ever since I first saw one. Grabbed Sublogic's "JET"for the C64 as a kid back in 1985 because it featured the F-16. I'm not new to Early Access, I bought both the Hornet and the F-14 and I knew that the Viper was being released at a relatively "earlier" point than either of those. I for one, am glad ED did so. I didn't need the plane to be 100% on day one. All I wanted was to do some cold starts, drink in the sights and sounds in 2160x2160 per-eye VR, do some guns-only BFM, take-offs, landings, and rip through some 8-9 G turns. The fidelity of F-16 simulation has come a long way in the past 35 years and took a major leap in the past year alone. It would be nice if more people appreciated that instead of whining because their pet feature wasn't available on day one.
  3. I agree. But I doubt that's why the F/A-18C stick hasn't shown up yet.
  4. What planes do you fly? If you fly the F-14, just buy the pedals, you'll need them. The A-10 and F-18 you can get by without the rudder for the most part.
  5. This is sort-of the same reason I want this functionality. I'd like to do VR demos for people but the saved Tracks function is so buggy that most of the time it results in a crash on landing or ends up in a completely wrong part of the map, etc... I did an exhaustive test the other day and couldn't get it to work so as far as I know, it's not possible right now. BUT IT SHOULD BE, so ED, if you're listening... please add this in as a feature.
  6. :thumbup: Awesome. If/when you're looking for your next project, do a wing-sweep handle for the F-14.
  7. At $800+? I don't they will be much threat to Thrustmaster at that price point. If TM can offer a stick to swap onto the Warthog base (which I thought was the whole point of making it detachable) for ~$100, I think it'll be a hit. Being that it's been more than a year now since we've heard anything about it, I suspect there are manufacturing cost/pricing concerns holding it back. It was supposed to be released around the same time as the pendular rudder pedals... yet here we are, still no F-18 stick.
  8. THIS! It would be SOOOOOOOOOO nice if we could use the throttle friction lever on the Warthog Throttle for the Wing Sweep Handle. To do that though we need to be able to bind wing sweep to an axis. Not sure how much coding that would require, but I would definitely like to see it at some point.
  9. Bumping this because I have the same question and I haven't found an answer for it yet. I realize it probably isn't possible for non-playable planes. But what about for planes where you own the module? Is there a way to set up a plane in mission editor to have AI control the plane while you spectate from the cockpit in the same manner that occurs when you create a track? Except, without having to fly the track first? I've seen a couple of threads where people with file or license problems have something like this happen. They're able to get in the cockpit, but AI starts and flies the plane as if in a demo mode. Is there a way to hand back control to the AI once you're in the cockpit if you do that Alt-J (jump into another plane) command?
  10. It's not just you, 2.5 is unplayable in VR for me now, I'm running a much older setup with a 780ti and i7, 12GB ram, and a Rift. But 1.5 and 2.0 ran fine, 2.5 ran okay too until one of the more recent updates. Now I'm only getting 1 to 10 fps.
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