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  1. Hi guys I am selling my trackIR with TrackClip PRO because i switched to VR. There is no reflector and hat, just the camera and the clip (it works perfectly). Edit: product sold!
  2. SILVER 11 | Dedde on blue side if possible pls :)
  3. I noticed something strange going on while I was in the F10 map in a multiplayer server (persian gulf map, buddyspike server). As soon as I join the server and get into the observer slot I have more or less 50FPS but as time goes on they start decreasing progressively. After 50 seconds they stabilize at 17-19FPS. Realized that if u actually disable the LIFEBAR tool I get 100 FPS. Map was fully zoomed out so to have the max number of unit visible. System specs in the signature.
  4. Tell 'em it's gonna be up in two more weeks
  5. I really enjoyed it... this time more than the others, thanks to the new enviroment. Keep on going guys with this events! Buddyspike so is far the only thing that sticks me to this sim :) It is a great place where to have fun, cooperate with other REAL people (that's why I don't like singleplayer) and also strategy is required, military communication skills too and so on... simply AMAZING
  6. I actually don't know. I only know that people that use a VPN are able to see the server
  7. Dumb question: will we be able to see on the radar the difference between positive and negative IFF returns from planes? (Like in the F15 with dots and bars)
  8. Maybe your ip is blind to the server (don't ask me why)... Most of the people experiencing this issue tried to use a VPN and that should work... about the ping there is a limit of 350 in the server IIRC, so if you are above it, the server will kick you out
  9. Is master arm ON and A/A mastermode selected?
  10. Closing canopy audio bugged DCS Open Beta with 3rd Hotfix: FA18C Cold on the ground. When pressing only for an instant the CANOPY CONTROL SWITCH to the CLOSE position, the canopy obviously doesn't close (because it needs to be held until the full closure), but the audio sound of the canopy closing persists. The bug stops after the first actual closure of the canopy (so u need first to actually let it close and then, after you re-open it, when you try to close it again, the sound will match)
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