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  1. I don't suppose there's a way to get a 3D-printed CMS top on order for the 4-way, is there?
  2. It is, and I even reinstalled both modules to be sure despite the fact that supercarrier missions appear for me as normal in the F-18 selections.
  3. Some update sometime last year seems to have removed them from my missions lists, but not completely. They're present for landing missions in Instant Action, but they're missing for everything else. I could have sworn the campaigns had Supercarrier variants as well. Would be nice to find out for certain, considering if I search for it I find nothing but rather unhelpful "Supercarrier missing!" "Me too!" posts.
  4. Damn, still no international shipping. Unless you're saying that you can, but it's expensive? Would it be possible for you to direct us to what parts you used so we can order them ourselves, for those of us that can't order from you?
  5. Huh. I remember being told that tools would have to be used to remove supporting walls and the like. This is much better than compromising structural integrity.
  6. So... OTTO buttons of specific sizes and colors are extraordinarily hard to find. I managed to snag two P1s in gray so I can systematically replace the abhorrently cheap switches in my Warthog grip, but I can't use them since they're not going to fit in the gray button areas. (Pinky, Master) Finding P8s, the stubby versions, is near impossible and places like Mouser don't actually stock them, which leads to months of lead time should I order. I need my red murder buttons. :( So! I'm looking for alternatives. This way it'll be less dodgy than hot gluing and soldering an OMRON switch into a comparatively cavernous housing. Of course, patience in ordering $80 worth of buttons is fine, too, I suppose, if it's preferential to go with the OTTOs.
  7. I'm going to replace the buttons on my Warthog grip and throttle with OTTO at some point. I've got two for the master mode and pinky, but apparently everybody buys just the red buttons and they're out of stock until September. I have everything I need, but in case I screw up I'm gonna need more wire to splice in, I think. What's the gauge on the stick's wiring?
  8. How is this a thing in other modules but not the A-10C? Please, add this option. They make my eyes bleed.
  9. Fun fact, including some details without just being a douchebag about it is infinitely more helpful.
  10. Only your second post and you're already sounding whiny.
  11. Bump for great justice, and because I don't know if it's an ED bug or a HB bug. Still an issue as of today, though.
  12. Yeah, I need to replace my joystick's pickle button but don't really feel like sending the grip off and then suddenly having it stuck in one location with the business going around.
  13. Don't suppose you can just send us the parts we need so we can do it ourselves, can you?
  14. I actually just realized that the first three screenshots are in day mode. The rest are definitely in night mode, but I can still clearly see everything pre-2.5.6, even without adjustments. In 2.5.6, switching to day mode just makes it worse. Night mode is what you see in the rest of them.
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