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  1. Hi all, Sadly it stoped working for me as well. I tried to reinstall net.framework. Updated to the 4.7 version. No luck. Tried to run it as admininstrator, re downloaded it - No Luck. I get the error on startup "Kneeboard builder stoped working" This is the error code, when i expand the details : (it's in german, but should be fine i guess) Maybe with that, you can help us / me. Thanks in advance Edit : Runnin Win 7 - 64bit
  2. Hey, I remember this mission to be quite difficult as well. I think what I did was, sent my wingman to take care of the convoy and I focused on the helos. Not a big fan of searching helos without radar though
  3. Hey Wavehopper, very nice campaign. I was just about to finish mission 11, when i noticed a small bug : The Zone for the the second to last trigger is "LZ" instead of "LZ - Combat Hospital", so you can't finish the mission. I edited it for myself. Don't know if I am allowed to share it here. But it's an easy fix, anyone can do. Thanks again for this great campaign!
  4. Yes, I can confirm that it turns off the "helmet Sound" when you change the Volume in Game.
  5. Thank you for this guide. I just modified my throttle and it works like a charm ! Good job
  6. Hey Ranger79, I just finished the last mission of OPF and have to say, that I had a blast. The mission layouts and the voiceovers throughout the whole campaign were top notch. When I came to the later missions, where you have to go to russia, I was a little afraid, that it would be mandatory to refuel at texaco. Since I am not able to air refuel as of now, I was really happy to make it home without the need to refuel. Outstanding campaign! Buying your next campaign will be a no brainer! Thanks a lot and happy new year
  7. Does not seem to be the case this time. It IS part of the SteamSale though. Was just about to purchase it when i found out that steam is down atm. What a shame
  8. Hmm.. Have you trried to use keyboad inpiuts to test the pitch? So you could see, if it's an "internal" dcs problem or if it has something to do with your stick. I would try it with your stick unplugged also.
  9. It's really annoying that they brake something with every patch. I just found out, that you can manually revert to a prior version of the game where everything still works. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114030 I reverted to DCS and the campaing works again. I guess thats the only thing one can do to play singleplayer campaigns atm.
  10. I just finished the mission. Toughest one so far imho :)
  11. Hey ! Thats good news. Happy to be able to continue this great campaign !:thumbup::thumbup:
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