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  1. Thanks, Shahdoh, had v.1 just downloading V.1,1 Cuco Negron San Juan, PR
  2. WOW, this Edge 540 is becoming very quickly my favorite airplane. The team behind this project deserves the accolades of anybody that enjoys and follows Flight Sims. Thank you guys, a job very well done! I just hope for the brakes, soon! Two weeks? Awesome job, Cuco Negron San Juan, PR
  3. https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-f-16c-viper/ Get this... the best!
  4. 000rick000, awesome skin, just superb!!! CucoNegron San Juan, PR
  5. Rudel chw, decided to file a Ticket with ED, they said that, as you suggested, there was something wrong in the Log, they told me the best way to deal with that was to delete the P-51D and reinstall. This P-51D fought me all the way, man, but it's fine now, it finally works. Thank you, Rudell chw, thank you very much! Cuco Negron San Juan, PR
  6. Rudel chw: Tried the "Repairing DCS World:" suggestion, actually, I'm having the P-51D problem with the OpenBeta, so I repaired the Open Beta and it corrected and downloaded something, I don't know what. Anyway, when I create a p-51D mission using the DCS World program, not the Open Beta, I can get the "Player" option in Skill, so, everything is fine with me. I might write to ED to check on the error you found in the log, but I don't know if I will. Thank you Rudel chw and cthulhu68 for your help with this very annoying thing with the P-51D. Thank you, Cuco Negron San Juan, PR
  7. cthulhu68, All my "missions" are depart from somewhere, just fly around and after a while, just try to land and survive the landing kind of "mission", the problem is that when I get to the part that I have to select "player" so that I can man whatever aircraft I want to fly, I can do it. I don't get the option of selecting "player" It's not in the list of options. I tried selecting "client" but I can't use it because, by the time I get there, the aircraft is already starting and moving... And I have been trying to solve this for the last two days and I'm 73... with a diagnosed case of severe CRS... Thanks cthulhu68, Cuco Negron San Juan, PR
  8. Rudel chw; With any luck, a file will be attached at the botom of this message... dcs.zip
  9. Rudell, I can not msend you the dcs.logfile you requested because I cant make this dcs.log file go yo you if you don't give me an address to send it to. waiting for your reply, Cuco Negron
  10. Rudell, I can’t make this to work, just tell me where to send it Cuco Negron
  11. Rudel, I’m using the stand alone version. CucoNegron San Juan, PR
  12. Rudel_chw, sure I’ll send you the dcs.log, my P-51D is legit. Can you tell me the address i can send it to? Cuco Negron San Juan, PR
  13. OK, I just tried to create a mission with the FA-18C and the "Skill" -Player is there to be selected. Now, the P-51D is the one that doesn't allow me to select the Player. Could I yust delete the P-51D or just repair that Acft? I have no idea of what I'm doing or what I need to do to fix this... Please HELP!!! Cuco Negron
  14. Campbell, Well, Player is not there when I select "skill" yes I can select "Client" but when I select the mission, there is somebody else flying the airplane, not me, I can't fly the airplane. RandomTOTEM, The airplane is on the map, but still the option "player" is not available. I'm about ready to give-up on this one, I may be too old for chasing rabits. Anything else you can suggest, I'll try it!!! Cuco Negron
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