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  1. or the "fuel flow tolerance" is low enough to be unable to trigger the transfer complete because both engines are sucking too much fuel so it won't be able to detect the transfer completion
  2. I'd say it'll be more clever by ED (or 3rd party dev team) to give us an export variant such as F-15J (My weab alter is talking), It'll keep the FC3 eagle "Unique" and gives another variant to the other one tho... Even if I think it'll not be bad if a Domestic eagle comes out as FF instead of an export one tho
  3. Hey, I'm customizing a livery and I saw on an F/A-18C livery that it can swap the HMCS glass to the basic helmet glass, It's way cooler in my opinion but can't find the custom argument for it. I know that { [509] = 1.0, --Helmet Change } works for the F/A-18C but it doesn't work on the F-16C (as far as I know is that 1000-1003 removes the boart numbers) but I really don't know if there is a similar custom argument for the F-16 such as 509 on the hornet, it'll be really cool if one of you could help me... Thank you allready and fly safe!
  4. I've got the same, I checked it out first then try to have a cold star fast action, but I'm also keep having DCS to crash...
  5. Hey Sata I've talked with Tigrou and we'll fly together in the same F-14, He'll be my RIO sorry for disturbing ????
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