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  1. This is now fixed after the recent update. Thanks!
  2. After 2.7 update. Never tried this before so, I can't say if it worked before. Following all procedures as I understand them. Arm with pull handle on left of seat Rocket and Tank selector up Selector Release switch UP Uncover master arm Switch master arm up and bomb(s) are released. Track file attached. P47BombTest.zip
  3. Probable Bug JDAM / LGB Same Loadout I can't get a GBU-12 to come off the jet after a GBU-38 has been dropped. Here's the facts: PG map Litening POD Configure fusing on both bombs before making a pass. Codes correct on pod and GBU-12. Drop GBU-38 successfully Make another pass with GBU-12. It won't come off the pylon. Seems to be within params for Auto release. Configured correctly. Come around for another pass Cycle Master Arm with no other changes and she comes off and destroys target. Track attached. If I'm missing something, I'd love to know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks! JDAM_LgbBug.trk
  4. Thanks for the tip. Turns out it was user error. My bad. Got some good knowledge from diving into the Config folder. But there is no bug. Sorry.:music_whistling:
  5. Trying to practice A2A refueling in prep for the Viper. Using the F-15. I have confirmed this in 2 missions. Airstart at 19000 450kts. Right engine is running, left engine starts at idle and slowly spools down too about 23% or something like that. Have to hit Alt-Home to restart it. This is since the latest update in open beta. I know this started since the latest update. Also, appears like the refueling boom control LCntl-R only turns on. No way to turn it off or toggle it. Miz file attached. Thanks Aerial Refueling Training F-15C_ WFH.miz
  6. I am not positive about this, but I have heard from other more experienced Hornet pilots that you need at least 16 units of elevator trim off the carrier to avoid this message. Check the FCS page and set before takeoff.:thumbup:
  7. You are correct sir! Two add buttons, not paying close enough attention. Thanks! No bug. User error.
  8. Sorry, for posting this. I noticed that there is an axis for this assigned to the mouse. I tried but couldn't get this to work.
  9. Single player mode...looks like it's not updating any elements of the logbook. I've flown for hours since I've gotten the module and no entry. Can't tell if the overall totals are being updated.
  10. I think there is some kind of latching issue with modifiers for controls. I have a throttle button for airbrake extend and retract and that same button is used for wheel brakes with a modifier on my joystick (button 3). I think that it alternates. E.g. on landing: modifier and button pressed - brakes on pumping the brakes, I let off both modifier and button press them again and nothing happens - air brake retract (already down, so no action) Press them again and I get breaking on the wheel brakes This pattern seems to continue. I'm not sure how to describe it better, but I'm sure it has to do with a modifier button.
  11. First off, Thanks ED for a wonderful module and new map! Can we get an axis(s) for the radar TDC as opposed to having to bind each direction to a switch? I have a micro joystick on my throttle and this would be very helpful. Thanks!
  12. But if you bought it from someone else, it may still be registered on ED servers as belonging to the original purchaser. Not sure about the rules for license Xfer.
  13. So, I've been practicing this a bit since I started the thread, and YES, you can kill a T-80. I found the best way to do it is a STEEP dive to punch holes in the top and to get VERY close before you fire. I was able to kill 2 tanks with a full load of ammo which is way better than yesterday. I will say that trying to kill tanks with the gun makes the APC look like a piece of cake one short burst and buh buy! Thanks for posting the video, pretty scary.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I've been coming in from a fairly steep angle behind the tank. In subsequent tests after the posted track, it's the same thing. I took unlimited ammo and really tried to be super accurate and then just let 'em have it...it took about 1590 hits to kill a T-80 from the rear. On the other hand, one 2 second burst kills a BTR-80 (131 hits). It's making me feel inadequate!
  15. I know there have been discussions in the past about this topic...like this: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=183785&highlight=gau-8+damage+model But, I can't seem to put a scratch on one of these guys with the gun. Any advice or is this a damage model thing? I've attached the track and a TacView showing HUNDREDS of hits..WTF over? :-) Thanks guys! UnkillableTankA10.trk Tacview-20180303-143517-DCS-A10TankBustRunwayGunPractice.zip
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