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  1. The 1st Virtual Fighter Wing is now recruiting. www.firstfighterwing.com Who We Are Founded in 2008, we are an international group of like minded individuals that enjoy combat flight sims. We have members from all over the globe. Over the years we've supported Falcon 4: Allied Force, Open Falcon, BMS, and now DCS. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our missions while still having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously. We train in the Viper and Hornet, however we support the following DCS modules: F-16C, F/A-18C, F-14B, AV-8B, and A-10C. What We Do We believe the primary purpose of a virtual wing is to make sure there are organized flights for members to participate in so we have recurring weekly standard flights each week with detailed briefings and debriefings. Utilizing real world manuals and our active and retired military pilots, we’ve worked hard to create a “close to real life” atmosphere while still vying to maintain the fun aspects of simply enjoying a simulation title among friends. When We Do It Our largest flight is usually our Saturday Weekly Standard flight at 2pm EDT with multiple other flights during the week. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on this forum or our discord server. Looking forward to flying with you. Our website (register then click on Recruiting tab to apply): LINK Our discord link to the public section for questions: https://discord.gg/m8VUpGk Our Youtube channel: Youtube Friday Night Mission Series
  2. Is there any way to remove the MGRS from the JTAC and only hear/see the DD or DMS instead of both?
  3. Has anyone been able to export the entries in the VA box automatically to a .txt file? I'm looking to have the comms entries exported to a .txt (VR Scratchpad) so I can refer to coordinates/intructions etc, but have to manually copy/paste right now.
  4. Good Stuff Backy 51. Have you tried this in a Multiplayer setting? Does every client need to overwrite the beacon.lua for it to work?
  5. Yeah, thank you. That thought hit me this morning. One should think a bit before posting questions late at night when he should be in bed. [emoji2357] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Anybody else seeing issues with the Persistence script after updating your dedicated server to the latest build? Files are in there, but not being read, nor writing since yesterday's update.
  7. Fantastic Work Surrexen. Excellent mission and the closest thing I've seen to a dynamic campaign. Asking for a friend, is there any way to keep the audio files when AI drops a bomb or foxes on a bandit, but disable them when clients do in multiplayer? Love the feedback from the AI, but when I drop a bomb, I like to make the call to my package and the audio sometimes interrupts/duplicates the calls. And one last question, can the elevation in the reports be changed to feet instead of meters? Is it a function of the _Settings:SetImperial() in the .lua? Thanks for your help. Keep up the great work.
  8. Getting the same problem. "Transfer Complete" right after connecting. Tried both Cold and "Air Start".
  9. I received mine last week from Amazon (ordered back in April). It worked for about 30 minutes. Cord came unplugged twice. Tried it again and WMR said the video cable needed to be connected. Couldn’t get it to work. For the few minutes I did use it I found it to be clear in the sweet spot, but the peripheral was noto only more blurry than the rift S. It looked nice, but thought it felt uncomfortable and cheap. I debated keeping it and just “making it work” but I want something that i don’t have to jimmy rig to get to work properly if I’m going to spend that much money when I was content with the Rift S. Reverb is on it’s way back to Amazon and I can’t recommend it as is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Are you by chance using MOOSE? I'm assuming so if you are using RAT. MOOSE and the DCS multiplayer code don't play well together on servers and will mess with the F10 menus. I had the same issue.
  11. No issues here. Were you trying to load it by chance in the pit at an airport that didn’t have any drop tanks available? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I believe The CVN-70 Carl Vinson is “Golden Eagle” CVN-74 John Stennis’ callsign is “Johnny Reb” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’ve been really interested in picking up a system like this, however after seeing that you are selling yours I get a little concerned. Any particular reason you are selling your rig? Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to go into details on the public forum, but any insight would be much appreciated before I spend the money. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. My favorite way is by simply using simple radio and using the test sound button. I instruct audacity to record the sound coming through my headphones, press record, press test sound in SRS and voila. This way I can get uniform sounds and all I may need to do is adjust some levels and add mic clicks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Military Power (MRT) at Afterburner Detent Here is the curve I made for my warthog. Goes into burner just after pushing over my filed detent but I have squadron mates who have it working with other products. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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