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  1. Hey Guys, I have just performed a completely fresh install of Windows, with that I decided that for the first time in many years I would actually perform a fresh & clean install of DCS. 174GB later, its installed and for the most part appears to be behaving itself. The one exception to this is the F16. For no reason I can work out, after loading into a mission (tried training, quick missions, custom mission - all SP) it appears to work fine but not very long at all into it (just after start up, with quick alignment, as an approximation) I lose the ability to interact with DCS via keyboard. No aircraft keyboard commands work, escape menu doesnt work - ALT-F4 doesnt attempt to close it down. Its as if its lots focus, however, the joystick axis are still fine - and random hotas controls still work - air brake for example, while others such as landing gear or radio controls are non-functional - so it hasnt actually lost focus. I can ALT-ENTER, or ALT-TAB until Im blue in the face and it doesnt regain focus. I have to quit the program from outside of it and start it back up again. The same missions I can jump into an F-18, M2000, AV8B - all fine. I then switch to the F-16 and its all over in a couple of minutes. I have performed a DCS Repair. Ive uninstalled the F-16 module and reinstalled it. No change. Any ideas? :( Just did a test, started it - left it idling on the taxi way for 10 mins - came back all keyboard functions work. Rolled forward - lost keyboard authority. Madness! [edit] And it gets more messed up. If I bring the aircraft back to less than ~50 kts I regain full keyboard control (both aircraft controls, menu access, external views etc. Everything comes back!) Colour me confused!!! NVM. Tracked it down to a misbehaving pinky switch (used as modifier key). Different keybinds on the F-16 were the point of difference (keybinds for wheel brakes). Found it after editing controls on the F-86.. :thumbup:
  2. Yeah, its not awesome. I've just spent the last two days doing a fresh install (new Windows install, figured for once in many years I would actually do a fresh clean install of DCS instead of just migrating it all across. 174GB - 2 days. Download rates were all over the place (http downloads were atrocious, typically theyre ok for me for DCS - not this time, best results were via torrent - but they were still rubbish). Reliable 100Mb link. The rest of my game installs, particularly through Steam came down at my normal 10-11.5MB/s rate. Is what it is :-) It got there in the end.
  3. hmm Ok, Ill have to have a tinker. Cheers!
  4. Yeah, sparking up the battery in this bird doesnt seem to get any power to whatever circuit powers the majority of the front panel controls. I've not messed with the ground power options - I'm not sure theyyre even modelled at this point (the bunch of ground power switches on the lower left side panel). Nothing really seems to come to life until one of the engines is lit and at idle.. Not a big deal of course, just flavour.
  5. On a related topic of start up procedures, am I missing something with regard to radio operation prior to engine start? As far as I can see there is no way to use the radio before you've lit the fires, so getting start-up clearance isn't possible. Is that correct or have I just been missing something? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. hehe. Ditto mate, and have had a 'while true' loop running for hours tonight... Im 'working' from home tomorrow. I see a somewhat unproductive day ahead of me...
  7. If it was, you would most certainly get no reply here :megalol:
  8. Wow!! Instant 'must have'! Bloody outstanding work watermanpc. I do not know how many hours I spent at the end of Edinburgh Airbase here in Adelaide as a young kid watching the Mirage 3's run touch-n-go's and that sound brings back memories - the apparent sound distortion, particularly on hot days is something I wont forget (this was in the time before once of the pilots broke the sound barrier during an air show over the airbase, breaking most of the glass in the surrounding farmers glass-houses (cost the AF a pretty penny), and speed restrictions were then imposed. Shame said restrictions were in place prior to receiving the FA18Bs that followed... wouldve like to have seen them at full noise.
  9. Very simple small mess around mission (Normandy - non-WWII). Crashes within a minute of start. Mission does have 'Mist' & 'CTLD' scripts, however the crash occurs with or without them being called. To help ensure it was not related to any other mods etc. I last night deleted completely and reinstalled Open Alpha, upon running the mission again the crash still persists. Somewhat strangely, initially some tests during the mission build process worked (right up to 99% completion). I added some 'flavour' elements (trucks, tankers) near a FARP and tested again - it crashed. Removing all newly added elements and the crash persists. Perhaps the attached can assist. First_Normandy_Test.miz dcs.log-20180112-040545.zip
  10. Im not having any issues falling off the deck - at least none without obvious due cause.. Just have to say, that was a very sweet landing. Nicely done!
  11. Setting up some very trivial test missions in Normandy and am getting no joy from JTAC units that should be lasing targets. JTAC is setup as working perfectly in NTTR JTAC comms are strange. Initial contact does not start with the player requesting targets, but the JTAC unit responding to said request. All tests result in 'no mark' - no laser marking will occur (no LOS or range issues apparent, editor reports no such faults) JTAC stops responding, typically after 9-line readback. Equally, the applied options within the mission editor for the JTAC unit are randomly changing from what is saved. For example, per the above image, this was saved as: WEAPON: - Guided Bomb DESIGNATION: Laser I haved edited these settings, hit save, selected another unit and come back only to find them again changed, or the assigned target group reverted to NONE for no reason.
  12. Top video! Thanks for the link. His hover control make me a sad panda.. I have some serious work to do lol. :joystick:
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