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  1. All is in the tittle. Track replay is still and more bugged with The F18 C. :cry:
  2. He was a fighter pilot 4 years ago and he had a stroke. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dbrief/?locale=en_US
  3. That simple, there is no update for F/A 18 C. see changelog https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4218508&postcount=88
  4. A little F/A-18C mission on PG map. Bad day for these guys.. Mission complete
  5. Hello, Like the title say, after installing Microsoft Update KB4530684 on Windows 10 Home 1903 and/or 1909: Thrustmaster target doesn't start Samsung Magician doesn't work :mad: Anyone else have the same problem ? After roll back KB4530684 all work fine.
  6. :book: 3D Editor/Preview with the possibility to travel in time (my dream) Undo/Redo (We are in 2019!) Right click handler (Contextual Menu) Multi selection or grouping option (moving objects, copy/paste) See time for sunset sunrise Polygonal zone Moon calendar Advanced copy/Paste (Radio, Weapon load, Advanced way point option...) Layer management to apply filter Meteo : Chose meteo of the day, different cloud layer (altitude), local meteo in zone Flags with name More built-in template (AWACS, Transport, SAM, Naval group, troups, armor vehicule, Outpost...) 3D preview of templates Thanks for your work.
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