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  1. Hi ED, There is a chance to have F18 radar hot fix today ?
  2. The bug is in the release branch. Which is same built than Beta. DCS The bug as been reported in Open beta, taged "FIXED INTERNALLY" and pushed in the release version. Don't find the logic :huh: :book:
  3. I don't understand why ED push a hot fix without internally fixed bugs :huh:
  4. Does the latest F18 radar issues have been fixed?
  5. Any chance to have an update today to fix F18 radar and HSI bugs ?
  6. Thank you very much :thumbup:
  7. Hi guys, I'm french and my DCS is in french. I would prefer to have DCS in english. How could I do that ? :helpsmilie:
  8. Hi, After editing the %DCS World%\MissionEditor\MissionEditor.lua , I can View the picture. It's very cool. But my icons are not the same than yours so I can't see infantry orientation. How do you do that ?
  9. Hi Baltic, For example in mission 1 it's indicated that ZT= 19 and LT=12. Take off time is 10:00 LT => 17:00 ZT WP1 DTOT= 19:18 ZT => 12:18 LT It seems that Take off time should be 12:00 LT or WP1 DTOT should be 17:18 ZT. EDIT :doh: There is no problem it's a long mission. Sorry. Thanks.
  10. Yes : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=212059
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