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  1. Really is. I can live with EA modules being bugged at times, but this is a ready module, and ED is breaking stuff. Real shame.
  2. Whenever switching controls, it seems a smal desync occurs and the plane starts loosing parts. Flaps, aileron, elevator etc. This happened a few years ago too. Anyone else noticed this?
  3. Ill just ignore it, everything seems to work just fine!
  4. Just switched from Gtx1070 to Rtx 2080. Now Oculus home reports " Your computer does not meet minimum specs". Any ideas?
  5. I note a significant improvement. Haven't properly measured it, but i upped the pixel density from 1.4 to 1.6, and the FPS (in VR) never drops below 45. Since I had these issues, I have been busy trying to sort it thus no time for testing. It will be interesting to see what settings i can tweak for better looks without dropping below 45. I have a i7 8700K @4,5, 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz EDIT: I used reach around 25-45 fps.
  6. Sorry for being a noob, what is DDU? Reverted to the oldest available driver (clean install) and for now all seems fine. No issues in other games so far. Have another issue though, in Oculus Home I get the message "Your computer does not meet minimum specifications". This turned up with the GPU change.
  7. Just changed my GPU from 1070 to 2080. I get random textures peaking up from the ground, but not always. Some are narrow and extend upwards like poles, some pops up like walls in the distant. Any ideas?
  8. Exact same issues here. Latest Nvidia drivers. 8700K 16GB, SSD, 1070GTX OR CV1, latest drivers
  9. What all the other guys said. As a former JA37 ground crew member this module really takes me back to the glory days of this aircraft! Love it!
  10. According to a friend of mine (who last flew the Viggen in the eighties though) trials were made with NV equipment. It was scrapped because of the risks of low level flying and near zero detectability of power lines etc with NV gear. Of course that was long ago, but he is pretty sure the Viggen crews never used NV.
  11. Although maybe not that visible, there actually is a gap IRL. When the engine starts, an inflatable rubber tube lining that ensures an air tight cockpit for pressurization, is inflated. Would be neat if that was modelled :-)
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