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  1. This is true. If QFE is not set correctly you can actually see the sight reticule jump as the impact solution shifts from triangulation to radar ranging. For this reason it is still good to set the correct QFE, or you might have to do a sharp correction when the radar ranging kicks in.
  2. Wind direction is defined to be direction looking into the wind. So, a 232d wind is blowing from southwest to northeast, which seems to be in accordance with your findings here, i.e. blowing the plane going southeast to the left. Anyway, why don't you just define the wind in the mission editor so you know the direction? Just be aware that (if I recall correctly) for some reason the mission editor defines wind direction in the opposite direction, so a 232d wind would in fact show up as 52d in the editor.
  3. Like I wrote in an edit to an earlier post, I got it working, not sure what the issue was though. After fiddling with OvGME settings and reinstalling all the mods I had no further problems. Possibly the fact that many mods make little or no effort to describe how to install them is causing some people to have issues.
  4. Thanks - I also use OvGME but perhaps I screwed up some settings (haven't used it before). I'll do some troubleshooting and see if I can solve it. All missions up to 7 are working fine. Edit: Got it working now. Guess an update removed some files from the mods.
  5. Upon attempting to start mission 7 I get missing module errors for these items: Unarmed Boat victory cargo USN-Deckcrew As far as I can tell all the required mods are installed correctly. Any advice?
  6. DYK is dive attack mode. You need to select BOMB PLAN.
  7. If I'm reading correctly, aircraft no. 22 in the image you posted never got the AJS modification (https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lista_%C3%B6ver_Saab_37_Viggen), so in that case the AJ37 could definitely carry RB75 on the fuselage pylons.
  8. IIRC, in the SFI (pilot's manual) for the real plane it says to hold the button for 2 s, after which it will be mechanically held in place. So the implementation is correct except that you don't have to hold the button (to me this is more of a design decision as opposed to a matter of fidelity).
  9. I had similar problems, but I experienced an improvement after I started setting the backup altimeter as well.
  10. alftand


    No, the stall speed concerns the speed of the aircraft relative to the surrounding air (the IAS). How fast the aircraft is moving relative to the ground is irrelevant. In your example, with a headwind of 20 kts and IAS 100 kts, you are moving 80 kts relative to the ground, but the stall speed is always given for IAS. Re: the L-39, I'm pretty sure there's no readout for ground speed, although there is a separate readout for true airspeed.
  11. Are you doing an initial fix when lined up on the runway (reference button on stick)? This worked for me.
  12. I'm having a similar issue. On the ground, any rudder input will immediately cause full deflection of the rudder, and when I release the controls it will remain in the same position. Trying to counter it results in full deflection to the other side, like the yaw curve is a step function. In the air this does not seem to happen. Using an X-55 with twist.
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