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  1. Can I request the Mirage F1's radar be used to upgrade the F-5's? I mean, compared to the F-5's, this radar is gold.
  2. It's not that Jester can't "see" them, but rather your radar isn't scanning the appropriate section of the sky. Jester can't lock what's not on radar. This functions the same in any other aircraft with data link. You can see them on the "scope", but they're not on YOUR scope. Your radar is projected as a top down 2D image. Your radar however, is scanning in 3D. If the bandit is at 2000', but you're at 25,000' scanning 10,000-30,000', There's nothing for Jester to lock until you tell him to scan the 2000' range. I hope that simple scenario helped to explain it a little further.
  3. You don't mention what kind of joystick you're using, but if it has a two-stage trigger like the TMWH I use, you can bind the first stage to open the trigger guard, and second stage pulls the trigger.
  4. If they're fighting, they're not neutral; just a third party to the war. That being said, I too would like to see a third or even 4th coalition added to really spice things up. The situation in Syria is/was a Charlie-Foxtrot of different combatants. Would be nice to be able to recreate it. Red/Yellow v. Blue/Green; or Red v Yellow v Blue v Green. Any combination would/could be great to play out.
  5. @GrimmJust wanted to take a moment and say thank you for this. It as become my go to for mission generation over the past couple of weeks. It's very simple to use and editing the mission, while a little time consuming, is simple to do. Thanks again for your efforts.
  6. From my experience, only those trees around the airfields will catch fire and be removed. I can't remember the range, but I think it's something like 5km. If we use Senaki-Kolkhi as an example, I know for a fact all trees in and around the airfield and town will burn, but once you hit the hillside to the north, well that's where the buck stops.
  7. I'd be fine with something like that which already exists with the civilian vehicle traffic option. It's there, but not really there as it has no collision model or anything; it just makes the map look busy. +1 for seeing foot traffic around town.
  8. I do love flying the Apache, but admittedly, I also miss the versatility of the Ka-50.
  9. What I did exactly. TMWH throttle pinkie switch forward, and my keyboard just became the KU.
  10. I'm absolutely against the thought of submenus. The list is already created in the order of threat priority (at least from what I can see); with greatest threat listed first. I really don't want to see any more information than is absolutely necessary, and since Knucklehead can't tell the difference between friend or foe, a simple "Blue Tank", "Red Tank" is all I need. But lets be honest, a good PIC is going to verify what his CPG is looking at before giving consent to fire anyway. Do you/we want realism, or gamey tactics?
  11. Personally, I'm happy to see they are bringing in a trim reset. Not because I would ever use it in flight, but because I won't have to pull the ugly controls indicator up to recenter the controls after landing. Now I just need to find a spot to bind it, as my usual candidate is now not an option. Does "Force Trim/Hold Mode Switch - D/Down" have any actual use? If not it'll be going there.
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