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  1. Trying to download some UAZ-452 vans, but can't find link to download the above mod. Can anyone help please? Peter
  2. I agree. The Hercules and the C-47 would give us a transport in both the modern and WW2 eras. The work that ED is doing on the Mosquito should assist in building the C-47. It is an iconic twin that played a vital role in Europe and the Pacific and so should be included in DCS. Let's hope.
  3. ..." but I hope not much longer...." . Not very specific - We all hope. We shall wait and see. M.
  4. Hi Silver_Dragon, Does that mean that we are getting Delayed Det. bombs? Please elucidate. M
  5. Given that the E.D. Mosquito has no bomb sight, we are left with no option but low level strikes. All the iconic raids by Mosquito are low level. Anything under 1,000ft. will destroy you unless detonation is delayed. It's so obvious that this aircraft needs delayed detonation bombs that posts such as this and the above should not be necessary. Kseremak's above comment is right - what is the big problem, E.D.? You should easily be able to give us delays for all WWII iron bombs with several different delays available: e.g. 1 to 15 secs. If this is too hard for you, the (clumsier) alternative is to write a specific trigger action for WWII bombs using a Flag delay, EXAMPLE: Condition: Drop (specified) bomb, Action: Flag1 On, Condition: Time since Flag1: 8 secs.,: Action: Detonate (specified) bomb. Selling the Mozzie without Bombsight or Delayed Det. bombs is like selling a racehorse with only 3 legs.
  6. Great to know that all these functions (and more) are coming. Congratulations on a superb mod. M.
  7. I would like to see more key / switch bindings become available, such as: *Start / Stop all engines and APU. *Battery on / off *Power source switch - External / APU *Bleed Air On / Off *Hydraulics Aux. pump.
  8. Thanks Andy, I was running Herc. version 6.8.2 when I had the problem with the Marianas. Then I installed 6.8.1 and Herc. showed up and worked perfectly. Re-installed 6.8.2 and problem returned. Are you running 6.8.2? Regards, Mich.
  9. I just installed the Marianas map, but in M.E. the Anubis Herc. although selectable, crashes the sim. and does not show on the ground except as an aircraft icon. Anyone else having this problem?
  10. It's encouraging to hear that "the team's work on the new external model is going well", but I think that E.D.'s sudden and poorly explained suspension / delay of the Mosquito project has created a lot of doubt and disappointment among loyal followers. If this mod. is truly going to happen, please give us regular, frequent and substantive updates on it's progress in the weekly news. Notwithstanding announcement of the F4U, one can be forgiven for believing there is some kind of bias against, or at least reluctance towards, E.D's WWII mods. These probably don't generate the same profits as the modern computerised wonders such as the Hornet, Viper, A-10C etc. but (in addition to younger fans) they do attract an older simmer demographic, which perhaps lends DCS a wider appeal than other combat sims. For me (aged 76) WWII aircraft (particularly the twins) are fascinating and challenging to fly. Your own skills and reflexes replace the on-board computers. While I enjoy flying my Hornet and A-10C II, I often find myself in 1944 Normandy strafing Axis road convoys or dogfighting . E.D. Please bite the bullet and give us the Mosquito this year. Regards to all.
  11. I've same problem ( Vers. 6.7) even though I activate Cargo lua in each mission as recommended. Cargo slides out of hold, and sits stationary on ground for 1 sec. then sinks into bowels of the Earth. Best realism-killer I ever saw.
  12. I've only tried it with aircraft strafing wide variety of stationary objects e.g. ground vehicles either AI or stationary , and air -to -air situations - E.g. explode another aircraft if hit (say) 12 times. but no success. The "Unit Damaged" condition works OK but is not as useful as "Unit Hits" because it activates the result even if only damaged slightly and so is unrealistic.
  13. This fault was reported and noted about a year ago, but nothing has been done. Before that it had been working faultlessly for years. It is an important condition because it enables you to refine your gunnery skills when strafing or during aerial combat by having the target unit react (e.g. emit smoke or explode) when hit a specified number of times - Since ED doesn't seem interested in correcting it, perhaps someone knows a workaround. Can anyone help?
  14. Thanks Eight Ball, As mentioned in my post, I am aware of the cargo lua. but doesn't seem to solve problem for me. I will follow your advice and go to discord site.
  15. Similar topics raised before, but worth a re-visit. SCENARIO: You're making a single player mission. In M.E. Triggers you select the Hercules cargo lua. You then place Hercules in desired position with (say)a vehicle loaded. You want to fly it to another place, land and unload it with your Herc. stopped on the ground (i.e. not 'chute dropping it or doing a "touch & go" delivery). When you fly the mission and unload, the vehicle rolls out beautifully and disappears into the bowels of the Earth because the program doesn't know where to spawn the identical vehicle. It seems odd to me that the program doesn't just mark the spot where the unloaded cargo stops, and then use those co-ords. to place the new spawned vehicle. After all, something similar happens in airborne drops. Another suggestion is just having an option for the unloaded cargo to stay stationary but visible. I am without any programming knowledge and I would like to know if there is a reason for not doing it for stationary unloading. Or perhaps I am doing something wrong in the above mission editing procedure. Can anyone help?
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