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  1. Anyone know why I can't get the moving map to operate any more since todays update? I start as normal, enter co ordinates, wait for countdown etc and select Nav, and no moving map. I have waypoints and everything functioning but I cannot get a map on the left screen. I have tried selecting map and map again etc and nothing. This is the most frustrating thing about this game and the devs. You get an update, cannot find any infomation about it, trawl through forums looking for reports/fixes and spend the night you'd planned on playing pilots frustrated and pissed off. If I wanted to feel like that I'd be in the living room talking to the wife.
  2. Whilst playing online tonight I set up for a ccip bomb drop. I had an AWACs call saying that I had a bogey behind me. Switched to sidewinder SEAM and an f5 knocked the bogey down. Pressed air to ground mode correct symbology for a ccip drop, weapons primed and fuse set. Get lined up on target and press weapon release and a sidewinder fires. Have another run on target and same again, sidewinder fires. Third run in, no change to any set up and a bomb drops. Loadout was sidewinder on 1 and 7, side arm on 2 and 6, 2 mk20 rockeye bombs on 2 and 5, TPOD and gunpod.
  3. Hi all Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong and why I can't get auto pilot functions to work. I don't have a force feedback stick and force feedback is turned off.
  4. Another question for you all. Is it possible to have an enemy plane follow in formation, and then engage the plane it was following in a particular place? Also is there a manual for mission building or anything? Thanks
  5. Question for you as I'm having difficulty. I'd like enemy aircraft spawned on the airfield that take off to engage on a trigger. I've tried an earlier suggestion of checking "uncontrolled" and "perform task" and "start" in the advanced waypoint action followed by a trigger for "AI push". However I don't have the start option in the perform task menu. Any help please!?
  6. Did you have any luck with This? I have no option in the perform command menu for "Start" and also cannot select anything for ai tash push
  7. Hi all Can anyone tell me how to have signal flares fire from the ground when a unit enters a trigger zone? I'm aware of triggers etc and can make units explode and things when trigger zones are triggered, but can't get signal flares to fire from ground units.
  8. This video shows the wings beaking at maybe a little over 360mph. A little drastic as higher wing loading should be expected from the 109?
  9. Hi there. I've had some problems whereby I have been shot by enemy planes, my friends tell me I am smoking/venting/leaking but on my screen I am OK and not trailing anything. After maybe a minute I may start smoking etc. Anyone else get anything like this? Is it a bug?
  10. It's been noticed by a few people that the Spitfire rolls right faster than it rolls left. Should this not be there other way round with the engine torque?
  11. Hi All After some help or answers. I have been watching Diveplanes sound MOD videos on you tube. I must say I am very impressed and will be making a donation, once I get my hands on the Spitfire MOD. Question though, is it possible to have all of the plane sound mods running at the same time? So sitting in the Spitfire cockpit on the apron, I can get the better sounds as a P51 flies past or a 109/190 strafes the runway? I downloaded the P51, dora and 109K sound MODs last night but if I tried to use more than one at a time, I had warnings about conflicting files. Or can I just ignore the messages and run all of them? Thanks, and thanks to Diveplane.
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