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  1. Hi all! Some time ago I had no problem with simultanous shooting with 13-mm gun and 30-mm cannon. I have two triggers assigned for both actions. But recently I've noticed that at a time only one of the triggers work. So I can shoot from either gun, or cannon, not all together. Has some logic of the controls changed? B.t.w. same situation is with Spitfire, though in the Spit I can assign "fire guns+cannons" in controls. This may be not related to Bf.109 specifically, but to general DCS controls. I've also noticed that when pressing push-talk button (for SRS) my axes controls don't work either. So I can't speak and maneuver at a time. Is there a fix for that? Cheers
  2. +++ I was thinking that I did something wrong with GPS or alignment, or forgot to switch something.
  3. FOV now works indeed. Zoom acceleration seem to be not working, but for me personally it is not crusial.
  4. На карантине :music_whistling:
  5. Maybe some one will find it useful... I've made some kneeboard slides for easier navigation in the current mission. Example slide look like this: Download link fot the current version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mUzRIx7jbPlhBhsA2jeiTeFcA74Tk7VP P.S. This is the first version, everything is adjustable.
  6. I have a question tho. To limit FOV angles in the game I use a modified version of Config\View\Server.lua file. By this i limit max FOV angle from ugly 140 to lovely 110 degrees. For me it works in offline and some other servers, including WW2 ones. However, your server seems to force me using its own Server.lua settings and I'm again stuck with the ugly 140 FOV. Is there anything ot do about it? On some other servers all works fine.
  7. Hi guys! Nice to see a new wokring WWII server with plenty of things to do. :thumbup:
  8. Sorry, haven't been here for a while. By default, Server.lua is in the game folder, like "X:\DCS World Beta\Config\View". But the readme.txt says: DO NOT EDIT stock game files. You local changes should go to C:\Users\<YOUR PROFILE>\Saved Games\DCS\Config\View\ Please, copy the file(s) to this folder (create if neccessary) and keep your changes there. So you copy it to "Saved Games" and then edit. I've just re-installed my OS and completely forgot about saving my configs, so now need to set up everything again :cry: :sad_2:
  9. This topic is more than a year old, but no answer to the actual question is given. Speaking of the FOV limits I found the following. In Server.lua there is default_fighter_player function. Changing CameraViewAngleLimits in this function will affect the FOV limits for all aircraft which use this function (listed in the file). To apply the changes to the other aircraft which are not listed in the file (like Spitfire, P-51D, I-16, ...) I created ViewSettings for one of them and copied the settings for the others. So, in my case I the second values of CameraViewAngleLimits to 100.0 function default_fighter_player(t) local res = { CameraViewAngleLimits = {20.000000,100.000000}, ... and then added the following code at the end of file. ViewSettings["SpitfireLFMkIX"] = { Cockpit = { [1] = default_fighter_player()-- player slot 1 }, -- Cockpit Chase = { LocalPoint = {4.259000,3.819000,0.000000}, AnglesDefault = {180.000000,-8.000000}, }, -- Chase Arcade = { LocalPoint = {-12.041000,6.419000,0.000000}, AnglesDefault = {0.000000,-8.000000}, }, -- Arcade } ViewSettings["I-16"] = ViewSettings["SpitfireLFMkIX"] ViewSettings["Bf-109K-4"] = ViewSettings["SpitfireLFMkIX"] ViewSettings["P-51D"] = ViewSettings["SpitfireLFMkIX"] This worked for me. :pilotfly:
  10. Server is available via IP:
  11. I've just remembered that in DCS AAA can ran out of bullets if fires long enough. Not sure which one, dunno what is the shot limit... But I've seen such thing.
  12. + Заметил, закономерность: * Если стартовать со стоянки (с открытой кабиной) - проблема есть, голова "улетает" на любое расстояние от кабины во все стороны. * Если миссия начинается в воздухе (с закрытой кабиной) - движение головы ограничено кабиной, * ... до тех пор, пока кабина не откроется. После открытия кабины - голова движется во все стороны * После закрытия кабины ограничение для движения головы появляется только с левой стороны. В остальные стороны ограничения нет.
  13. Ночью сервак отрубался раза три как минимум. В районе 00:40, двух ночи и еще когда-то.
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