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  1. Is it possible use this mod for Su-25T too? And how install it?
  2. I have problems with Brahmos. When i shoot, the missile it goes for about 10 seconds and explode. What am I donig wrong?
  3. How can insatall this awesome mod?
  4. I have a big problem: after last upgrade I don't see Rafale. What can I do?
  5. I have not LRAAM. I controlled. How can I edit AIR/AIR file?
  6. I'm using your weapons files and all works fine. Thank you.
  7. I'have installed Redounet files to improve meteor missile features (LRAAM) and it works fine, but in weapons list I cant find Thales pod so I cant make Sead and anti-ship missions. What can I do?
  8. I have a problem with this mod. I can't use the nato canopy. In ME I put the canopy over the plane to cover it, but in game the plane is in another position! It's impossible to put planes under the canopy. What can I do? Thanks
  9. limoncino

    Rain fix

    I can't download. What can I do?
  10. I was talking about the 2.5.6 version of CDG carrier. Is there a newer one?
  11. I have a problem. I only see CDG carrier in ME. In game the ship there is not. Planes and weapons work without problems. I'm using the first version of Rafale with mig-29 cockpit and CDG works, but I would like use the new version of the plane. Any help?
  12. When I'm building the mission I put ships and vehicles and I can see them, but when I open the mission to play they are not there!
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