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  1. I have seen here in the forums multiple threads with questions regarding how to map the idle/off functionality with the Super Taurus. Reading them I was confused by the answers which seemed to indicate that there is only one button per throttle that can be mapped (buttons 1 & 2). I just got my Super Taurus last week, but when I went to do control mapping found that there are four buttons that register. Buttons 1 and 2 register for the OFF position, and buttons 30 and 31 register for the idle positions. So - in DCS for the hornet to map the idle position for each throttle I open the mapping dialog and move the throttle out of off and into idle and it registers the button (30 for right, 31 for left throttle). Then to map off position I do the reverse (move from idle to off). Which makes me question - is this the case for ALL of the Super Taurus throttles, or did WinWing add button presses for the idle position in newer versions? I have found some small annoyances in key bind settings. Fuel Dump works if I set the "Fuel Dump on/off" to the "Fuel Dump On" position on the panel switch. It dumps fuel when I turn it on and stops when I turn the switch off. "Pitot heat on/auto" key bind however does not behave the same way.
  2. I don't even see the campaign listed on the DCS site, much less any description for it. Am I missing something? I did see it listed as added in the patch notes for this week, though...
  3. wrewdison


    I believe the AGM-65E was listed as one of the weapons to be made available on the Hornet at some point. The real question is whether this is the same AGM-65E as available on the Harrier - or something coded by ED. Just because it's the same weapon doesn't necessarily mean it's the same code.
  4. In multiple missions I’ve set up, I’ve found that my wingman will land farther forward than expected (amidship), then shortly after touching down calls out “Ejecting!” And punches out. In other missions I’ve seen them land just fine. Anybody else see this behavior?
  5. I’ve seen the exact same behavior - the AI is useless for strafing at the moment. They even have the gall to call out “Guns Guns Guns!!” While firing a single round. What a bunch of jerks!
  6. Can confirm. And if i set qty to 2, all of my 2x multi-racks drop both bombs.
  7. Can and, as a result, frequently do. Bad behavior for sure, but I rarely look at the engine instruments.... unless I have a master caution I have no need to. Also as a result, I've found plenty of missions that grossly overload the aircraft (troops, plus rockets and miniguns... oh and hey let's throw in a sling load just for kicks!) because hey, the engine can take it!
  8. I know what I'll be doing tonight....into the wee hours of the morning.
  9. I read in a book (Grumman F-14 Tomcat: Bye - Bye Baby) a Tomcat pilot recount a story about being given a wave off just as he was about to trap, while still airborne, only to find he had in fact caught a wire and it pulled his jet to a stop (still airborne), slamming it down onto the deck. If I remember correctly he said the jet was checked over after and found to be fine. Grumman built a few airframes for the sole purpose of dropping them like that to see what would happen. It's one tough bird.
  10. I never really fully understood curves, and what they did / how they help. I have a TM Warthog with extensions, would I still benefit from tweaking curves? I enjoy the Sabre, both for A2A and A2G, though I agree with all of the statements about the AI MiG-15s. Aside from the SFM issues, I've had many engagements where I can hit them enough that there's heavy smoke from their aircraft yet they keep on aggressively attacking / maneuvering as if the plane is functioning at 100%. I'd expect at that point they'd go defensive and try to bug out... but I'd also expect their performance to be diminished.
  11. Shouldn't the wingman AI then follow procedure and not have his radar transmitting?
  12. I've finally been able to give this campaign a go and have to say that I'm honestly loving it. I've run into two issues that I don't think are necessarily campaign related, but have only run into while flying the campaign. First: on one mission I had a centerline mounted drop tank and 4x mk-82s. The tank ran dry just as I was entering the target area, so I opted to jettison it before I made my attack run (figuring it would make pull out and evasion easier). I selected the centerline station, jetissoned, and the tank happily fell away. I turned the stores jetisson off, selected stations for the bombs and set up for ripple release, set fusing, and everything else just like I always do. I made my attack run and pressed the pickle button and.... nothing happened. I pulled off target, re-checked my settings (in fact turning everything back off and going through setup procedure again just to make sure I didn't miss anything), and when I re-attacked I had the same result - they refused to drop. My wingmen were able to do some damage to the target but I was not. In another mission I set my sight manual mode and started adjusting the depression of the reticle only to find that it stubbornly remained fixed. Again tried turning the sight off again and back on and same result. I made my attack run anyway and tried to compensate but unsurprisingly missed the target. I'm loving the campaign though - and these oddly add to the immersion a little bit.
  13. I wholeheartedly agree with this review. I've had the saber for a looong time, and finally got around to learning to fly her. I found her to be a joy to fly, and after doing the training missions and single missions I found myself wanting something more. I then discovered this campaign and decided to give it a shot (I admit I was a bit skeptical about the premise - I had hoped for a more period specific campaign). I'm glad I did. It was challenging in all of the right ways, as well as immersive and... just plain fun! Like the OP, I didn't play the campaign - I lived it. Well done - and I hope to see more content like this for this plane! (And the Mig too - though I don't enjoy flying that nearly as much as the F-86)
  14. If I'm not mistaken, aren't friendlies highlighted in the HUD with a green X or something along those lines?
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