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  1. More Lag! This is my best effort so far (tacview file included; track file didn't work see below). As suggested by Eagle I flew lag for a long time and eventually L39 was low on energy. I find that keeping the bandit in that space above the hud works best for me. When I look at the tacview i'm almost flying the same path. The kill is a bit meh. Still haven't quite worked out how the gun sight works. As for the second kill, well I tried to run first but it seems AI knows where i sleep. Once again, I got him to a low energy state and once more the kill was a bit wobbly; still haven't quite worked out how the gun sight works :) Feeback from the virtual aces is welcome; be gentle. I wanted to post the track file but it seems that the L39 doesn't follow the same route but I do... which means he gets behind me and, well you know, does his thing. a10_vs_l39.zip
  2. Schurem, I'm glad you also found it fun. Do you have any further tips after your encounter? Would you be willing to post a tacview file? Or debrief points? When I fly the mission I seem to get into a stalemate. The L39 performs a series of hammerhead turns and I've not found a consistent approach to break the cycle. I've not played since the update. I'm looking forward to trying out the improvements I've read about. I hope it's not a coding bug that's enabled game mode aerodynamics. :) Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks Eagle 7907, The AOA tip helps enormously. I've also tried breaking the rule while IAS is above 210 knots. This works well for me but I need more data points to come to a conclusion on which is best. Regarding the L39 and missiles, they each carry two IR missiles. When the mission starts I switch counter measure mode to manual and profile C (dumps about 6 flares I think). Semi mode switches to M on a launch and it doesn't seem to create a big enough heat signature to attract the missile. With profile C if I see a launch, I start releasing flares and do a small turn. This usually does the trick. If I defeat the first bandit I try to fly at 90 degrees to the second, allow him to fire a missile or two I dump flares, turn and begin my task of getting a guns kill. Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Schurem. I'll try practicing that. I do find it hard to close the gap but when I do, by pure luck, I often smack straight into the bandit. That's one way to get a kill I suppose. Well, no one said it would be easy. Back to flight school for me. Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  5. Hey fellow pilots, I'm returning to dcs after several years off and wanted to jump into a quick mission to bomb stuff. However the bfm mission caught my eye. I've watched plenty of videos of air to air but have never given it a go. As you might imagine I wasn't particularly good at consistently getting a guns kill. I need help but I understand that the world of A2A is massive. Would one of you be able to give the instant action a go and provide a few tips to get me started on my journey? If you are able to provide a tacview or dcs track that would also be a great learning aid. One further point, the mission provides you with missiles but if like to figure out how to complete the mission with guns only. Thanks, Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  6. Final managed to finish this campaign. Thanks Sabre. It was a lot of fun (even after all those failures for leaving the MOA :) ) A very nice ending too. Glad I completed the last mission. I was failing so often I was thinking about leaving the campaign unfinished.
  7. Okay - The problem seems to be resolved but i'm not entirely sure why. I updated Mother board drivers and retested. Same Issue. I created a secondary account. Logged in and booted up DCS. LWIN + LCTRL + M worked. Logged out and logged in to my primary account. Booted up DCS and Lwin + Lctrl +M worked. :huh: Following a Reboot I have the same problem. Tried logging into second account and starting DCS but that account shows the same problem now. ----------- update. Seems to be resolved now but i don't know why. I was trying to determine the smallest set of actions i need to take to get the keys working. While working through this it magically fixed it self. Here is the sequence of steps that seemed to help but like i said i still do not know the underlying problem 1. Login to main account 2. Switch to secondary account - (switch not log out) 3. Log out of secondary account 3. Log in to main account 4. Key combination seems to work.
  8. Hey MadDog, Thanks for the suggestion. I gave that a go but still does not work.
  9. Not that I'm aware of. I've also tried it with trackIr off. Just tested with a second keyboard but get the same problem. The plot thickens. I had an installation of 1.2.6 so I just gave that a try and the key combinations works. But when i try 1.5.5 It still fails... I wonder if a fresh install is required.
  10. This morning, the combination LWin + LCTRL + M stopped working. I use this key combination to enter the letter M in the A-10C CDU (JTAC coordinates). I've used that combination for many months so i'm confused as to why it suddenly stopped. I went to the control settings page and did some testing. Pretty much all keys work with LWin + LCTRL except M. I downloaded a keyboard tester but that seems to register the keystrokes. I reinstalled keyboard drivers but that didn't help. I first noticed this on 1.5.5 so I was curious if the same happened in version 2. I booted up version 2 and I see the same problem. I disconnected usb controllers and tested but no luck.... perhaps my keystroke tester is broken??? Has anyone else encountered this strange behaviour? Does anyone have suggestions or a fix? Thanks,
  11. ah not to worry. I just passed. A higher angle and RIP SGL, QTY 2 seem to do the trick.
  12. Hi Sabre. When you designed this mission, did you want the player to destroy all ground targets without the use of the second flight? I'm assuming yes, i.e., the second flight is the FE. As you might have suspected I am running out of ammo. I find the rockets are ineffective as precision weapons and it seems that the second group require directs hit. I've watched Recon Stewarts videos and he had to get very close to them. Was that by design or have the effectiveness of the rockets been changed since the release? Thanks for your hard work on these. I'm having a blast.
  13. Thanks Eddie. Would you know what the acronym TN stands for?
  14. I do not think it is coordinates as that information is displayed centre bottom. The image has them in Long Lat but a click of the LL OSB would provide grid co-ordinates. I've looked at a few youtube vids and I see that others seem to have numbers and letters after the G but I have just the G... the mystery continues.
  15. Would anyone here be able to give an insight on the meaning of the values boxed in red? (see attachment) They appear when one places the TAD cursor on the own ship icon. The image is taken from the manual. When I fly, I see (in place of G4A1B2L2S) F110 G I've learnt that F110 corresponds to fuel, but I'm not sure what G means. My initial thought was that G4A1B2L2S had something to do with payload but I've messed around with different load outs and always see a G. As for TN, I know that the numbers after are the Own and Group IDs but I'm unsure what TN stands for.
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