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  1. coach

    VR pilot body

    Can Razbam please give us an answer?
  2. coach

    VR pilot body

    Hello, The pilot body is, as stressed by many on this forum since it was removed, an essential component to enjoy the M2k in VR. I have pretty much not flown it since last year because of that. Could a Razbam staff please comment on: 1. When will the VR pilot body return? 2. What prevents you from keeping the previous model in the meantime? Thank you
  3. Hello, I havent touched DCS in a while, has the VR pilot been finally brought back?
  4. Any idea how to get one in continental Europe (France)? Cannot find one on amazon.fr or the HP store...
  5. I am currently running the Odyssey with a very high supersampling rate (about 200% as suggested in the forums): that would correspond to the native HP reverb resolution! So am I right in assuming that the reverb will run at the same performance (roughly) without any supersampling? The main difference would then be no SDE and very readable instruments. If you add the 50% perf increase patch + upcoming VUlkan (I have a 8th core cpu so a lot of room for multi-core improvements), my ryzen1800x+1080ti+SSD+32Gb3200Mhz RAM system should be able to handle the Reverb pretty decently (I enforce permanent motionreprojection with WMR so the target is 45fps). I will probably buy it once tested by other simmers.
  6. Hello, Is the release of the pilot body in VR tied to this MLO update or could it come earlier?
  7. Given the number of third-parties team pumping planes into the game, I'd personally prefer to see ED focus on performance, and adding other stuff like dynamic weather and dynamic campaign.
  8. Performance improvements should be the highest priority instead of adding more planes!
  9. Hello ED, Would it be possible to add a higher resolution for shadows in the ingame settings (8192 is a sweet spot as mentioned throughout this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=218208)? Alternatively, would it be possible to let shadow.lua out of the integrity check? Thanks,
  10. Why can't ED answer the simple queries made in this thread?? -Let shadow.lua out of IC - add a 8192 res option in the in-game settings
  11. What broken TWS feature are you referring to?
  12. coach

    VR pilot body

    Hello, Has the pilot body been added to VR yet? I am not updating to the beta while it does not, so cant check myself :thumbup: Thanks
  13. I did not notice a clear improvement, but there def are artifacts all over the place when I spin in my M2000!
  14. I've got the 1800x, cant push it past 3.975, so its good to see the 2700x perform this well! This bares well for the last generation of AM4 cpus! :thumbup:
  15. Was the pilot included for VR in the recent update?
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