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  1. Yup,,, same issue here. I resorted to holding altitude now with the collective myself for now, just a pain till resolved
  2. For clarification purposes, Im not talking about Helmet display font coring, Im talking about the MOD (from HORUS) that lets you adjust the TADS from the back seat and switch from TADS FLIR to TADS TV.
  3. Thanks for this! I went to give it a try last night and realized it wont work on the servers I fly on cause it wont pass IC. Fingers crossed for an ED remedy soon! Otherwise, thanks Scaley for your efforts to help us all out.
  4. @horus-dcs This MOD seems to be broken after the last update? Anyone else no longer have a "custom" category in their drop down menu?
  5. @ScaleyCan you post the file location and highlight the line of interest please? Thanks,
  6. Yup, it is one of the MODS, thanks
  7. CPG Dashed crosshair is only visible to me when I move my head (HMD) out its way? What do I need to set to have it overlay HMD symbology? null
  8. Where is this option located? I looked around and did not see it? Thanks,
  9. Well JEEPERS! I went to that other link and found something that I was apparently overlooking for months! When I boresight, its always with the HMD OFF (No Crosshairs) I have always just moved my head until the circles were completely concentric, then SET it. i never used the HMD cross hairs in addition as described in that other thread. null
  10. @Floyd1212 yes, I am aware of that, and I typically do a cold start, so I do a Boresight. Interesting though, I created a quick mission yesterday so I could start testing this and I created the Apache as a HOT start. When I got in the pit of a hot apache, it wouldnt let me Boresight? Hmmmmm. @Caldera I also recenter often. I will be trying to experiment more today to see if the constant recentering has an impact. My initial testing yesterday of about 5 minutes switching the gun from 800 to AUTO range was just fine compared to what I was experiencing over the last couple weeks in multiplayer.
  11. Ok then, I will go with the notion that TrackIR has no impact and do some testing. If this is truly the case I would then wonder what the point is of boresighting if its going to result in slop anyway? Maybe it makes it less sloppy? LOL,,,,,,,,,
  12. I initially boresight during startup, then go on about my business. During the sortie, I typically have to reset my TrackIR often due to all of the head movement. Does that affect the initial boresight setting? I ask because when I eventually WAS the gun, and I either set the range to say 800 or even AUTO, I find myself way off from where the crosshairs are compared to where the rounds are landing? I thought that setting AUTO range would resolve this, even when I reset to AUTO in the process of the using the GUN (not switching weapons). Thanks for any advise.
  13. HMM, regarding the Master Volume set to 0 when spawned- doesnt work like that for me, I get blasted myself if I dont toggle all of the squelch's up immediately after I start the engine.
  14. RackMonkey has resolved the matter with his revised MOD if you want to hit him up for it.
  15. After yesterdays update, with this MOD enabled (and no others) I get this blocky symbiology on the MFD? Disabling the MOD all is well? null
  16. ok,,, I guess I didnt understand the statement on the Miles Rules page,,,, thats good to know, thanks
  17. Looking at the "MILES" rules, we cant use miles for this? "3rd Parties not currently participating in the ED Miles Program"
  18. Im not entirely sure what that means, but for simplicity sake, do you have an opinion as to whether I should seriously consider waiting before I move?
  19. well,, its a nice tidbit, and if you hadnt put it together, I wouldnt have bothered messing with lua files,,,so thanks again!
  20. If I do a cold start at a Farp, and that Farp requires you to reposition a couple hundred feet or so away from the spot you cold started (so you can Arm and Fuel). Do I need to wait until the Confidence info goes green before I lift off to go Arm or can I just lift off when ready and go Arm and let the INU finish there? Thanks,
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