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  1. Most likely won't happen but yes please make this happen!
  2. I have a quick request. Is it possible to ad the Phoenix sectional map in the NTTR map please? Laughling KIFP and Jean airport are down south there and it's a key feature to the theater I think!! Here is the link for the sectional;-geo,TIFF:https://aeronav.faa.gov/content/aeronav/sectional_files/Phoenix_102.zip -PDF:https://aeronav.faa.gov/content/aeronav/sectional_files/PDFs/Phoenix_102_P.pdf -source:https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/vfr/ Thank you very much!
  3. Sure thing aha but at least we'll be able to make the airport a bit more alive until they implement the real airport crew!
  4. Will you be able to place deck crews at airports?
  5. Is anyone using BOTH gametrix and butt kicker? Was wondering if this was possible? I am already using a gametrix with simshaker and I just got a buttkicker out of a bundle of used hardware for sim and I wanted to hook both on my DCS. Thanks
  6. Hello guys, for encrypted radio in the FA-18C, only radio 2 goes encrypted. I was reading NATOP about ky-58 and they say both radio should be encrypted. or am I understanding something wrong?
  7. +1 that would greatly add to realism thanks
  8. Ok thats awesome thanks for answer warhog. I already have my PSU than. :)
  9. Is it going to be similar to this? https://www.instructables.com/id/RS485-Serial-Communication-Between-Arduino-Mega-an/
  10. I have another question jrsteensen; I was looking at the systeme architecture. I notice that it is divided in left, center and right console. And if I understand well, mega boards and nano boards have to be wired together. Can you explain me how is that achieved or what is the name of the process so I can do research on the topic please? Also for power is your design going to use wallwart? Thanka Beazle
  11. Hello Brun, when I upload the ufc files in shapeways they mess up the size of the .obj files. Is it possible to get proper dimensions for the parts please? It woulf suck to put in wrong dimensions :/ Thanks Beazle
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